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5 Incredible Spy Electronic Gadgets You Should Know

Whether you are an amateur spy, hobbyist or a full time  security or spy worker. Modern electronics helps you do the job incredibly awesome. There are lot of spy electronic gadgets available in the market for the friction of few bucks. Whether you may want to record your target subjects talking or moving or you may want to have strong surveillance at your targets, these awesome electronic products can help you meet your targets easily.

1. Invisible Secret Spy Nano Wireless Earphone

This nano sized wireless earphone can help you listen things while your target may now know about the presence of this tiny wireless microphone. There are several type of persons who can take benefit of this tiny microphone transmitter. Whether you are a student, employee of law enforcement agency, spy or an amateur who want to listen to the discussion between your target people while they may not know that you are listening secretly.

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2. Orbiter Electronic Listening Device

There may be certain circumstances where you are unable to place any spy device to listen your subjects. In those type of cases, Orbiter Electronic Listening Device can help you listen to the discussion between your target. Orbiter Listening Device comes with a satellite dish, sensitive microphone and amplifier. This  makes it work to listen to people while standing far away from them. All you need is to turn on the device, wear headphones and point satellite dish towards you target. Satellite dish focuses low amplitude signals towards sensitive microphone which is able to listen really low level sounds. Microphone then sends those signals to a built-in amplifier which amplifies the signals and make it listenable. This device will help you to listen audio signals from up to 500 meters.

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3. Hidden Cameras 

Its time to record video and audio altogether. There are lot of miniature video cameras available in the market with built-in video recording feature. Those cameras come into many different shapes and sizes. It depends what situation you are in and how you can use one of those hidden spy video cameras. I am sharing a link with different type of spy video cameras. You can select the shape and size of your choice and according to the situation. Almost all the cameras work well, therefore I will strongly suggest you to read reviews in the bottom of all those cameras on the given URL and select the camera who is loved by reviewers.


4. Wi-Spy DBx Pro – USB Spectrum Analyzer with Chanalyzer Pro Software

While there are lot more internet users than the last decade, it is more challenging to keep an eye on your internet network. Wi-Spy DBx pro is the solution. This software and a USB spectrum device can help you keep and eye on your wifi network traffic and fix common issues with your network really quickly. This saves you lot of time to fix network issues while you can see if your wifi bandwidth is being stolen.

5. Long Standby GSM Spy Bug Listening Device

This device uses SIM card and works like a hidden tiny one way cell phone. You can hide this device with a SIM card inside and when you need to listen through that device, you can just call to the phone number associated with the SIM card inside that device and it will automatically receive the call and start sending you conversation over the GSM network. This device has built-in re-chargeable battery and can stay long in standby mode so you never need to be worried about if your device battery is out of charge.

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