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Check American Express Gift Card Balance

Gift cards are a fantastic surprise, especially when unexpected. They offer the convenience of money in a card form, ready for immediate use after activation, both for online and in-store shopping. This makes spending your gift easy and hassle-free, without needing to worry about where you stashed the cash; it’s always in your wallet. However, unlike cash, you can’t simply count out how much you have at any given time. Checking the balance isn’t as easy as logging into your bank’s website and looking at your checking or savings accounts.

In this article, we will go over the various ways of checking the balance on your American Express gift card, so you will always be able to find out how much you have available at any given time.

While some of the methods may seem easier than others, it is all about what works best for you. Some individuals prefer to call, while others would just like to view their gift card balance online. One thing to keep in mind is that, unlike credit cards, the available balance is accurate; as there is no interest applied to the balance of your American Express gift card. It is also important to note a couple of other additional features and restrictions of your gift card, such as using it at the gas station pumps or an ATM. In the following sections, we will be going over not only how to check the balance on your gift card, but other precautions to take note of as well.

American Express Gift Card Activation for Online Purchases

An American Express Card is actually pre-activated when you purchase this card. However, you won’t be able to make transactions to other eCommerce websites until you register for online purchases.

The American Express Prepaid Gift Card allows you to purchase and spend your Gift Card balance online. You can buy anything legal online with your Prepaid Gift Card. All you have to do is register your Gift Card for online purchases so you could use the Gift Card balance the same way you use your VISA debit card or credit card.

You need to register your AMEX Prepaid Gift Card issued by American Express for online purchases. You should call customer support at 1-877-297-4438. The support staff can ask you to provide your 15-digit Prepaid Card number and the security code. They will also ask you to provide your local address for registration.

Once your American Express Card is activated and registered for online purchases, you can use that card the same way as you use your Credit card or Debit card for online purchases.

How to Check American Express Gift Card Balance

Checking your balance is important because it will keep you updated on how much is available to spend using your gift card. Unlike some credit and debit cards, you will not be able to spend more than is available on your gift card. Tracking not only your available balance but also your past transactions will help to keep you in the know as relates to what you can spend your balance on. Online shopping is one of the great things about using a gift card instead of cash, and knowing how much you have available will aid you in knowing what you can purchase. This is especially important when purchasing anything in-store; we have all had that embarrassing moment when we thought we had more available for purchases on a card, but that card gets declined. Checking your balance before attempting to purchase something can help to avoid this embarrassment.

AMEX Gift Card Transaction History

Checking your balance will also help you to see where your money is going, such as if you have used the gift card for any monthly or weekly subscriptions. As anyone with these types of paid subscriptions will tell you, the amount and day of payment can creep up on you, and it is always a good idea to keep track of these. There are some services that you may have used your gift card for that have some hidden fees that you may be unaware of, and seeing all past and pending transactions can be beneficial to see exactly where the balance of the card is being spent.

Check American Express Gift Card Balance on Phone

Most gift cards and this is especially true with major cards such as American Express, will have a number located on the back of the card that you can use to check your available balance. In most cases, this is a 1-800 number that when dialed will bring you to an automated menu with several options available. (In most cases, this will also be the number that you will want to call in order to speak with a customer service representative if you have any issues with using the American Express gift card).

After dialing the number on the back of the card, your call will be answered by an automated system and you will be presented with several options available, all corresponding to a specific number on the dial pad of your phone. Once you hear the number to press in order to check your balance, simply press that number. You will most likely be prompted to enter the 16-digit card number, as well as the expiration date and the 3- digit CVV on the back of your card. After all of the appropriate information has been entered, the automated voice on the other end of the line will then begin to tell you what your available balance is, and what your most recent transactions have been.

Calling this number is a fast and easy way to check your balance, and is especially helpful when you are in an area that does not have a lot of services, as checking your balance online can be difficult in that particular circumstance. Checking your balance this way is also a good idea, because if there seems to be a discrepancy between what you thought your balance should be, and what it actually is you can simply go back to the main menu and speak with a customer service representative, to get the situation rectified.

Check American Express Balance Online

If calling the number on the back of your American Express gift card isn’t exactly your style, fear not. It is extremely easy to check your gift card balance in other ways; such as checking the balance online.

To check the balance of your gift card online, simply go to; following the same steps from here as with calling, you will want to then enter the card number as well as the 3-digit code on the back of your card. “Logging in” this way will not only allow you to check the balance on your American Express gift card but will also populate a page similar to when you log into your checking account online, allowing you to see your recent and pending transactions.

Checking your balance this way will help you to see what you have been spending your gift card on, and you will be able to take a screenshot in order to reference how much is available to spend before attempting to make a purchase using your American Express gift card. This is particularly helpful for those times when you aren’t able to remember exactly what you have on your gift card, but there is something that you are really wanting to spend it on. In cases like this, you would be able to simply look at the photo gallery on your phone to see exactly how much you have available for purchases on your gift card.

Checking your balance this way will also help you to see if you have any pending transactions that have not come off of the gift card yet. This will show you exactly how much you have been spending, and how much you will have available after all pending transactions have cleared. Checking this way may cost a little more of your time, but is well worth it; being able to see everything that you have used your card on and exactly what the remaining balance is, all in an itemized list.

Viewing your American Express gift card balance this way is similar to what you would see when looking at your account summary for your checking and savings accounts, and those who check these regularly may find this method to be the best in order to keep track of your spending habits and transactions. This view is also beneficial to see what transactions are pending, and what transactions have cleared. Additionally, this view can show you what merchants approve your purchases right away, and what merchants take additional time for the charges to clear.


How to Use American Express Prepaid Gift Card Online

Although having and using your American Express gift card is a great way to make purchases, there are a few things that are worth mentioning to keep in mind:

  • Using your American Express gift card to buy gas: Using your gift card to purchase gas at the pumps is a great way to spend your balance, but as with credit cards, it is important to remember that they may attempt to charge more to your card than what you actually purchase. This is the gas companies’ way to make sure that you have adequate funds on the card. In some cases, you may have a high enough balance to make a purchase at the pumps, but your card can get declined due to this check. When using your gift card to buy gas, it is best to pay inside, to avoid this pre-qualifying check from occurring.
  • Restrictions when using your American Express gift card: There are also a few restrictions to be aware of when using your gift card. Most important of note, is the fact that you can’t use your gift card at an ATM to pull out cash, and you should try to keep track of any recurring subscriptions that you have paid using your gift card; as failing to do so can impact the lives of these subscriptions down the road. Although most major retailers will accept a gift card as a form of payment, some will not. If you are trying to use your gift card but it keeps on getting declined, after ensuring that you have an adequate amount of funds available, it would be a good idea to get in contact with the merchant or vendor that is declining the charges.

FAQ About Amex Gift Card

  • Where to use American Express gift cards online?
    You can use your American Express gift card at almost every place where you normally use your credit or debit card. Most online web stores accept payments via AMEX gift cards. Consider this card a debit card and use it to purchase online/offline where your debit card works.
  • Can I use the American Express gift card online?
    Yes, you can use your AMEX gift card to purchase online. The usage is similar to the other credit/debit cards. You can find the 15-digit number and 4-digit security code to use while purchasing online.
  • How to use an American Express gift card online?
    Your AMEX gift card has your name, 15-digit number on the front side, and the card expiry date. If you flip the card, you can see a 4-digit security code. You can use these credentials to purchase online similar to the other credit/debit cards you use often.
  • How much is on my American Express gift card?
    You can check the balance in your American Express gift card in a variety of ways. We have a detailed section about checking the AMEX gift card balance.


I hope this article was helpful, and that you will be able to take away the necessary information in order to check the balance of your American Express gift card wherever you are, and whenever you need to. There are pros and cons to both methods of checking, and while a certain situation may be better suited for a particular method, the choice is ultimately what you are more comfortable with. Being able to check your balance will not only give you peace of mind but will help you in determining what you will end up spending your gift card on.

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