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Barnes and Noble Gift Card

Check Barnes and Noble Gift Card Balance

Barnes and Noble are among top companies that sell books with its major retail outlets being in the United States. Furthermore, Barnes and Nobles mainly operate via its chain of bookstores the Barnes and Noble Booksellers. In the United States of America, Barnes and Noble stand as the most significant national bookstore chain. Nevertheless, Barnes and Noble’s stores feature the largest manager of college textbooks, and the stores are mainly available near lots of college campuses. Most of the Barnes and Noble retail outlets contain café that serves Starbucks coffee as well as other consumables. Majority of the Barnes and Noble retail outlets sells magazines, books, graphic novels, DVDs, music, toys, Newspapers, gifts as well as games.

How to Get a Barnes and Noble Gift Card

When looking for a Barnes and Noble gift card, the best place to get it is online via the Barnes and Noble website. The process is, and once the gift card is approved, you can use it at any of the Barnes and Noble stores. Furthermore, Barnes and Noble feature gift cards for various occasions.

Purchase Using a Barnes and Noble Gift Card

Whether you want to redeem a Barnes and Noble gift card or an e-gift card, you will have to add it to your account. Barnes and Noble gift cards, as well as e-gift cards which are saved in your account, are applied automatically to your next purchase, and it includes the NOOK content purchases like an eBook. When making your purchase, any gift card balance available will first be redeemed after which your credit card will be charged in case of any remaining balance.

The Barnes and Noble gift cards and e-gift cards are removed automatically once the balance read $0.00. Furthermore, you may as well decide not to redeem your gift card which is saved in your Barnes and Noble account during the checkout, to do this you will remove your gift card and then use a different method of payment.

When purchasing your products, you cannot buy any NOOK audiobooks as well as NOOK magazines and newspaper using your Barnes and Noble gift card or e-gift card. You can only purchase single issues of a NOOK newspaper or NOOK magazine using the Barnes and Noble gift card or e-gift card.

Saving Barnes and Noble Gift Card and e-Gift Card on Your Account

For you to save your Barnes and Noble card in your account, you will have to visit then click on My Account after which you will go to the gift card section. Once you are the gift card section click on Manage Gift Cards which it will take you to Manage Gift Cards page, you will then sign in to your account. Once you are in this page, you can add a new gift card or review your current gift card or check your gift card balance as well as removing your gift card which is currently saved in your account.

However, once your gift card is saved to your account, it will automatically be applied to purchases you make until it is depleted to $0.00 unless you remove the gift card during checkout.

You should note that you can only save up to six gift cards on your account at a time. In case you would like to add more than six gift cards, your account will then have to wait till one of your gift cards is depleted before you add another gift card to your account.

Apply for Barnes and Noble Gift Cards During Checkout

When checking out, the order total will be reflected according to the amount of order and not just the amount in which is applied to your gift card once the gift card is depleted. Your gift card balance will then show in the section of Membership, gift cards and coupons at the checkout page.

Payment breakdown, as well as the method of payment, is not provided in your order confirmation email, but you can still verify your billing amount to your credit card via the online statement. Moreover, in case you are experiencing an error or difficulty when adding your PIN and gift card to your account, you can consider applying for it during checkout before submitting your order on the

How to Check Barnes and Noble Gift Card Balance

There are three convenient ways of checking your Barnes and Noble gift card balance, and they include contacting the Barnes and Noble customer care center via 1-800-295-3029 or visiting the nearest Barnes and Noble store for assistance. You can as well check your gift card balance online via the

Redeeming the Barnes and Noble Gift Cards

You can redeem your Barnes and Noble gift card at any Barnes and Noble as well as Bookstar stores. While for online, you can redeem your Barnes and Noble card at Barnes and as well as at Barnes and Noble College locations. You should note that Barnes and Noble College only accepts physical gift cards. Using the Barnes and Noble gift cards at the Barnes and Noble College Bookstores

You can quickly redeem a Barnes and Noble gift card at any Barnes and Noble college bookstore near you. You cannot use a Barnes and Noble e-gift card at a Barnes and Noble college bookstore; however, you can redeem your Barnes and Noble e-gift card at Barnes and Noble as well as Bookstar stores and online via

To see the Barnes and Noble college bookstore near you, select the state in which you are in from the drop-down list available at the college bookstore website.

Difference Between Barnes and Noble Gift Cards and e-Gift Cards?

You can purchase Barnes and Noble Gift cards at any Barnes and Noble store or online, and you can redeem both of your cards in stores, online at or on any website that is operated by Barnes and Noble. Furthermore, a personalized message will accompany each gift card you purchase online. Once you are buying gift cards online, you will receive them after 3 to 7 business days, and they can as well be sent via the express shipping method for an extra fee.

For the Barnes and Noble e-Gift cards, you can only purchase them online via or on the website that is run by Barnes and Noble. You can redeem your e-gift cards at both the Barnes and Noble store or online at You can as well include personalized messages in your e-gift card, and you can send it to the recipient via email just seconds after your order is placed.

Furthermore, you should note that in May 2010 Barnes and online gift certificate was renamed to Barnes and Noble e-gift cards. The difference between the two is that the online gift certificate doesn’t have barcodes. Nonetheless, you can redeem both setups in any of the Barnes and Noble bookstores as well as online at For you to use it in Barnes and Noble bookstore, you will have to print out your online certificate and then present it to the cashier. While printing your certificate, make sure that the printout contains both your certificate number and PIN.

Keeping Your Barnes and Noble Gift Card After Use

Once you use your gift card or e-gift card, you should always consider keeping it since it will be helpful in case Barnes and Noble fail to fulfill your order or do not charge your account as well as in case you prefer to return the merchandise you purchased using your gift card or e-gift card. You should as well consider keeping your gift card or e-gift card just in case you haven’t redeemed your card fully. In case you experience any of the above circumstances, you will be required to have your gift card or e-gift card as well as the PIN to help in placing a new order.

Refund policies at Barnes and Noble Stores?

When returning merchandise to Barnes and Noble, refunds, as well as returns, are only processed once the eligible item is returned via the appropriate channel. In case your return is brought or shipped back to the store after the timeframe provided or the packing slip is missing then, unfortunately, the merchandise will not be refunded or sent back to you.

In case you are not satisfied with merchandise bought via Barnes and you can return it for a refund. Barnes and Noble will refund according to your original form of payment within 30 days. You should make sure that all the returned items are in their original condition, shrink-wrapped products should be unopened.

Nonetheless, the packing slip in your shipment features specific instructions for use in case you would like to return the product. Barnes and Noble offer a pre-printed return label with their return department address.

You should note that the packing slip provided is not your prepaid label; you will then be required to shipment in case you return the merchandise. The shipping fee is not refunded.

Returns are only accepted within 30 days of the day your order was received. You can as well consider taking your item as well as your packing slip to any Barnes and Noble store near you or you can as well mail the item including its original slip back to Barnes and Noble return department.

Some of the items that cannot be returned include NOOK digital content and other purchases downloaded. Furthermore, you cannot return gift cards as well as shrink-wrapped items that are opened.

Canceling a Barnes and Noble Order

With Barnes and Noble, there is only a brief window of time in which you can modify or cancel your order once it is placed. The Barnes and Noble system will continue processing the order you had put as you are attempting to modify it, in which it might result in your changes not being successful. For you to review the order and check whether it was canceled, go to My Account page and then enter your email address and the order number in the box of Order History and then click find. In case there is a cancel link appearing in the status field, click on the cancel link and then fill in the checkbox of the items that you would like to be canceled and give a reason for each product. You then click on cancel checked items to finalize your cancellation. Once the cancellation is successful, you will receive an email notifying you of the cancellation.

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