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10 Best Business Ideas for Students in India with Low Investment

Last Updated on January 28, 2024 by Richard Hall

In a rapidly evolving economy, entrepreneurial skills have become crucial for Indian students. Many students constantly seek business opportunities to start and enhance their entrepreneurial skills while progressing their education. The fusion of entrepreneurship and education has created creative and innovative opportunities, including low-investment business ideas that satisfy students’ unique needs and constraints. India is a rapidly growing economy that offers students a startup ground to start and expand their business ideas. There are many business opportunities for students that allow them to improve their financial status while proceeding with their studies. Some of the entrepreneurial chances have flexible schedules and can be done part-time. The concept of entrepreneurship for students in India is not just a dream but a reality that allows learners to explore their passion, gain valuable experiences, and make money while studying. The opportunities run from e-commerce ventures and technology startups to freelance services and content creation niches.

1. Tutoring and Coaching Service

In a country where education is valued significantly, specialized coaching services and academic tutoring are highly demanded. Different students have varying knowledge and skill capacities in the various subjects taught in school. Excelling students can opt to share their expertise with other schoolmates, peers, and younger students from lower grades and charge a small fee. The low amount of capital needed to start and run the business idea makes it a potential opportunity for many students.


  • There is a low startup cost because the tuition classes can be set at home, cutting many overhead costs.
  • It is a flexible service due to its convenience as a part-time job. Students can schedule the tuition after their school classes or during the weekends.
  • Tutoring and coaching are high-demand opportunities, especially in a country where education is highly valued. The high-demand nature transfers into a potential source of consistent income.
  • It is a self-fulfilling idea that allows students to help others to learn and excel academically. It also positively impacts students’ lives.
  • It offers an excellent opportunity for students to learn and improve their communication and teaching skills.
  • The involved networking is a source of new opportunities gathered from the interaction between students, educators, and parents.


  • It can sometimes be challenging to balance tutoring and school studies, hence the demand for effective time management.
  • Due to the low investment costs needed and the market concentration in one place, the business can be very competitive, demanding intelligent business differentiation skills.
  • Time and effort investment are needed to market your services and attract students.
  • The business is subject to fluctuations, especially during school holidays and exam periods.

2. Freelancing, Website Designing, and Content Writing

Freelancing is a potential opportunity for students with content writing and designing skills. Content writing requires the creation of written materials for websites, social media content, blogs, and many other digital platforms. Students in India can leverage their content creation skills into an income source. Some of the most common niches include blog posts, articles, media updates, and product descriptions. Website designing entails creating and maintaining websites for clients. The service is diversified and may include web development, design, or Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In the growing digital world, many people are shifting their services online, and these impacts rise in demand for online presence services like website design and content creation for product descriptions and advertisements.


  • Minimal upfront investment is required to start and grow the business. The primary enrollment requirements include a computer, software tools, and internet connection, essential possessions for many students.
  • Freelancing allows students to work at their convenient time. They can set their schedules for work, enhancing management and smooth running of their school studies and freelance business.
  • Website designing and content writing are reliable sources of valuable skills necessary to enhance academic knowledge and future career prosperities.
  • The global shift to digital services offers a constant demand for these services. Acquiring clients from different parts of the world through internet connectivity is possible.
  • Building an outstanding portfolio on your previous projects offers a chance to get more clients and increase earnings.


  • Income may need to be more consistent, especially during the initial startup period.
  • As a service provider, you must be outstanding in the digital marketplace to attract more clients and workflow.
  • Digital technologies have an evolving nature and trends that require constant skills development to stand relevant and competitive in the market.

3. Photography

Photography is an art that has constantly grown with advancements in technology. The need for high-quality visual content and social media content has significantly contributed to the rise of photography. The idea can be a creative and lucrative option for Indian students looking forward to starting a low-investment business. Minimal investment is required because only a good camera is needed for capturing moments, building memories, and telling stories.


  • It is a cost-effective business because only a good camera is needed; it becomes cheaper for students who already own one.
  • The business is flexible since photographers operate under a free schedule protocol, allowing them to manage their time effectively. Students can do photography during their off-class schedules.
  • There is a high demand for photography in various niches, such as weddings, product advertisements, and content creators, among other events.
  • The diversity offers many opportunities for students to delve in and make some income. Photography enhances networking, leading to professional connections and more referral assignments.
  • Student can start their photography websites to capture and showcase their creativity through adventurous and captivating natural moments. Storytelling is another relevant idea in photography.


  • Since many individuals and professionals have diverted into offering these services, it can be competitive and requires more effort to succeed.
  • While it is possible to start with essential gears, standing competitive might require investment in better equipment that is expensive.
  • The income earned might be different and may vary depending on the clients and bookings you acquire.
  • Marketing the business on a tight budget can be challenging and requires dedication, time, and effort.

4. YouTube and Blogging Business

Content creation has gained momentum and immense popularity in recent years. Many premium websites are built where students can create content they are passionate about and make some income from views and likes on their posts. Other monetization methods include sponsored content, affiliate marketing, product promotion, and ads. YouTube is among the leading websites for content creation, with over 2 billion users. It offers various opportunities for creators to post the type of content they are passionate about.


  • It takes minimal investment costs to create and upload videos. The basic requirements for a student to post content on YouTube are a good camera, microphone, and software to edit the videos. For students who cannot raise these funds, it is possible to borrow them from others.
  • YouTube has a massive audience that can allow students to reach global viewers and earn more money.
  • The diversity in content, varying from cooking, technology, travel, storytelling, interviews, news, and many others, offers many choices to interested students.
  • Your channel can earn more income through monetization, sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and merchandise sales when it gains more popularity.


  • Being a highly competitive platform, gaining popularity can take some time.
  • With constant changes in YouTube algorithms, visibility and income earned vary significantly.
  • The revenue earned may be unstable, especially during the initial stages.

5. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is an e-commerce business model in which students in Indian schools can set up online shops and sell products they do not own. When a customer purchases from these online shops, the product is directly shipped to their destination from the supplier. It is a popular business due to low investment requirements and low risk of holding products in possession.


  • One of the significant merits of dropshipping business is the minimal upfront capital requirement. Students can start a business with little savings to cover website expenses, domain registration, and marketing costs.
  • There is no inventory stock management; instead, the products are held by the supplier, who directly ships the products to customers on purchase initiation.
  • It is possible to advertise a wide range of products without physical possession. The flexibility makes it easy to adapt to the changing market trends and consumer preferences.
  • Dropshipping allows participants to conduct business from anywhere globally, provided they have an internet connection; the idea makes it ideal for interested students in India.
  • Overhead costs are not an issue because the supplier caters to services like product packaging and shipping.


  • The profit margin is low due to the ease of the business and the competitive nature of prices in the marketplace.
  • The success of this business is dependent on supplier efforts to satisfy the trade agreements and customer needs.
  • You have less control over product quality because you depend on third-party suppliers.
  • A low entry barrier makes it easy for any person to penetrate, making it challenging to get hosts.

6. Social Media Management and Influencer

Many businesses are looking for social media managers on their profiles on various websites; this is a remote job opportunity that can fit Indian students. Some firms seek brand influencers to promote their products in the vast online global space. Managing companies’ social media platforms and influencing customers to buy their products and services are opportunities that can help students make money and build their online marketing experiences.


  • Low investment cost because only a computer, internet connectivity, and content creation skills are needed. All these necessities are readily available to almost every student.
  • The rise in the need for these services, especially in small businesses, creates high demand and employment opportunities.
  • Social media management can be done part-time, hence not interfering with the routine schedules of students at school.
  • Social media accounts management offers essential skill development in digital marketing, which is profitable in future career pursuits.


  • Constant upgrade of skills is required to keep up with the growing market competition.
  • Clients may pose some high-end expectations that might be challenging to meet.
  • Evolutional changes in social media platforms demand constant learning and advancement to keep up with the changes.

7. Event Organizer and Management

Events management and organizing is a thriving idea for students in India. The opportunity involves planning, coordination, and execution of corporate conferences, music festivals, weddings, and the launching of products. It is a high-demand niche because many business people prefer to hire professional assistance to make their events outstanding and memorable.


  • The required starting capital is low, and students can start small and grow their platforms bigger with time.
  • It accommodates flexible schedules suitable for students currently enrolled in the school curriculum. Students in India can work part-time and transition to full-time after school.
  • It provides networking opportunities to meet people and potential customers for future deals.
  • It helps in skill development because students can acquire project management, negotiation, budgeting, and marketing skills.


  • It is a competitive industry that requires specialization and outstanding services to stand out.
  • The business can be challenging initially before adapting to its demands and requirements.
  • It can be challenging to meet client expectations at some point, leading to dissatisfaction and negative ratings.
  • It might require compliance with legal demands, especially when engaging in large and sensitive events.

8. Home Baking and Handmade Products

Starting a home baking or a homemade products business is among the best business ideas for students in India with a low investment budget. The company can be operated in the comfort of your home and during free time schedules. It requires creativity and technical skills to generate the products and market them to make money. These products include food materials, clothing, art designs, and other materialistic items.


  • Low investment cost because you can begin with essential kitchen ingredients and equipment.
  • It is flexible and can be done during free time to prevent interruption of studies.
  • It allows room for creativity where you can express your artistic styles in homemade products or incorporate some designs, flavors, and decorations in home-baked products.
  • There is a high demand for homemade products like cakes as people use them in various celebration functions and for personal pleasure.


  • Requires permit for local food safety and regulations to operate the business.
  • It assumes the initial learning curve and may take some time to perfect techniques and recipes.
  • It can be labor and time-intensive, especially when you have a lot of orders to satisfy.
  • High-quality and unique products must be produced to overcome the existing competitive business environment.

9. Affiliate Marketing, Delivery and Travel Agency Services

Affiliate marketing involves promoting another company’s products and referrals to their services to earn commissions. Digital marketing platforms offer affiliate programs that can help students in India make some money by advertising while at school. Some companies provide product delivery services and pay according to value and transit distance. Students passionate about traveling and exploration can set up some travel agencies for personalized exploration experiences.


  • All these business opportunities require low investment costs, hence ideal for students in India.
  • Flexibility in schedule makes it possible to conduct the business part-time.
  • With the high demand for online products, more delivery opportunities are revealed.
  • Travel agencies can offer opportunities to explore new places while making some revenue for commission.
  • There is no need to create products or physically store them in affiliate marketing.


  • It takes time to gather a significant audience that generates more income.
  • There is intense competition in the affiliate marketing niche, and decisions for choosing rare and fast-selling products are critical.
  • Travel agency businesses require affiliation and some licensing that can pose some challenges to acquire.
  • Managing some delivery can be challenging, especially in unfamiliar and remote areas.

10. Child Care and Yoga Classes

Child care is a rewarding business, especially for students who love to spend time with children. It is a service that has demand from parents who have small children and tight working schedules. Yoga classes are another field with many customers who want to train for physical fitness and some as a way of reducing weight. Both services can be done on a part-time basis after school.


  • A small amount is needed as an investment because only space for keeping children or an exercise field and some training skills are required.
  • It can be done on a part-time basis after school work.
  • The services have high demand, hence the constant flow of work.
  • Engaging with kids is emotionally rewarding, and it becomes more fulfilling for those passionate about it.


  • Regulatory bodies might require licensing for child care.
  • Both children’s care and yoga services expose some risks of injury; hence, it’s essential to be more cautious.
  • It is demanding to balance education and business; hence, excellent time management and balance are essential.


With global growth in technology and advancement to digital space, there are many best business ideas for students in India with low investment requirements. Most of these ventures are flexible and can be carried out while pursuing education. They vary from tutoring and freelance services to content creation, offering skill development and financial growth. Although these opportunities pose challenges in time management and competition from well-established professionals, they offer students valuable experiences, explore their passion, and positively impact their financial well-being as they progress with their studies. The fusion between entrepreneurial practices and education in India is a reality that builds creativity, innovativeness, and growth.

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