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Binary Options Trading Signals Review (2019)

Franco requests new traders to keenly study the provided reading materials and exercise patience for at least three days. If they do not understand the operations after three days they are advised to ask specific questions on areas that they do not understand. They will have their questions answered by Franco or other traders who have been in the trade long and better understand the operations of the system.

Franco is confident that after three days, new traders will be able to grasp the charts, the signals, and the trading systems. You will become a professional trader after intense training.

Binary Options Trading Signals

How Binary Options Trading Signals by Franco Works

Binary Options Trading Signals (BOTS) is a website that was developed by Franco; an experienced binary options and forex trader. He is seen as one of the best forex traders in the world. Franco analyzes markets and predicts the outcomes then uses the Binary Options Trading Signals to provide a signal to his audience.

Not only does he analyze trends, but he also monitors world news and events that may influence market conditions. In case such an event occurs, he cautions his users to cease trading or advises them on how to proceed. Monitoring of world events has significantly helped Franco’s followers to not lose money as other traders do not consider world events when making predictions.

To receive predictions, one does not have to download anything at all; you need is to log on to where you will participate in their live webinars. It is through the webinars that users receive information on where to put their money. Trading is from Monday to Friday starting at 9:30 am to 11:30 am (Eastern Standard Time) as Franco operates from Canada.

The program covers every aspect of binary trading such as currencies and stocks as the signals are by real people trading in real-time. Users are also promised an 85% winning ratio which is high in the trading business. However, for you to rake in more cash, you have to receive a 65% winning ratio in the binary option.

How to Join This Binary Options Signals Program

To join, one registers by giving their name and email address. The website provides users with a day’s trial every Monday to familiarize themselves with its operations. The cost of using the website to receive predictions on where to trade is $97 that is paid bi-weekly with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Binary Options Trading Signals provides a chat window for you and other users all over the world. The chat window enables interaction between users where you also witness actual live trading. However, for you to be successful, Franco recommends working for not more than 2 hours on the website.

Binary Options Trading Signals Pros & Cons


  • Easy to use and understand
  • Provided with online support
  • Trading is in real-time
  • Enables interaction of traders through the chat screen
  • Benefit from input and experience of the developer
  • The reported success rate of over 75%
  • Provides tutorials to clarify primary functions
  • Gives real solutions
  • Have 60 days money-back guarantee
  • Low risk of loss as experienced professional guide you on where to trade
  • The trade replications help in saving time
  • Guarantees profit


  • The price is high for some people as it goes for $97 for two weeks
  • The trial period is not free though there are a 60 days money-back guarantee

Benefits of Using Binary Options Trading Signals

  • The Binary Options Trading Signals system gives users a section that educates users and provides them with the necessary knowledge to trade. This is important to succeed in forex trading, one needs vital trading knowledge.
  • Binary Options Trading Signals is a platform that allows traders to interact and exchange ideas on how to improve their trading. This helps build a good working relationship with those you work with on your trading endeavors.
  • The Binary Options Trading Signals system comes for free and the only payment required is your investment of $97. This is contrary to other systems where you are required to pay even for registration to be a member.
  • The Binary Options Trading Signals system saves time for the user as it provides trade replication that lets users manually or automatically replicates trade depending on their preferences while ensuring profits at the same time.
  • The system provides human proficient traders and teachers as opposed to other sites where one deals with robots. This gives the trader a sense of security as you rely on the advice of teachers and expert professionals.

The Charts

Binary Options Trading Signals

All the charts are on the ThinkorSwim software from TD Ameritrade. While looking at it for the first time, the set up may seem complex and confusing but when you get to understand it, the structure is actually very logical.

Indicators on the charts are quickly recognizable, such as Bollinger bands and few moving volumes and averages.  Other indicators are custom made; they include arrows that make the trading screen distinctive. Others are buying and sell triggers plus the vital US dollar momentum that is used to warn traders to avoid trading at particular times such as when the dollar momentum is at 100 percent red.

When the indicator turns green, it suggests that the trend is strong thus making it a good entry point. Getting used to the charts and understanding the charts takes a few hours to understand their relationship. However, Franco is constantly improving the system and has now included windows that contain 1 min, 5 min, and 15 min charts.

In the past, the system used to trade in a variety of currency pairs but now trades in EUR/USD, USD/JPY and USD/GBP as they have proven to be the best traders in the system. The BOTS buy and sell triggers work well with 1min, 2min, and 5min trades. However, after adding the 5min, 5min and 15 min charts, the triggers work for extended time frames and are fruitfully used in Spot Forex trading.

It is important to note the speed of internet connection in your location; this is because there might be delays. This is why you are advised to take 2-minute trades instead of the 60 seconds trades as they might be affected if there is a delay in internet connection. You can, however, test this during the trial period and decide on which to take.

Additions to the System

One of the additions in the Binary Options Trading Signals is the ability to trade in forex trading. The addition is welcome as forex trading generates good money compared to other trades such as stocks. Forex trading can generate over 75% of your trade amount where it can even go to over 300%.

In forex trading, in addition to prospects of big wins, you can place stop losses when trading. This is contrary to binary options where one loses 100% of their trade amount but some brokers refund 5% where one ends up losing 95% of their trade amount. In forex trading, you can stop losses by setting them to 15% of your overall traded amount so that when there is a movement against your trade, the loss is only at 15%.  This is one of the expert advice that is provided by the teachers and professionals on the website.

The Martingale Strategy

To reduce losses, BOTS recommends the use of the Martingale Strategy. This is a strategy that is recommended for experienced users. It involves taking another trade immediately after the other one with double the amount. The idea behind this is to outset the losses made in the first trade. This is, however, a risky undertaking and it is only recommended for veteran traders.

Quality of Signals

Beginners have to be patient but after about three trading sessions, they are able to follow the signals and succeed in forex and binary options trading. Upon request, Franco will help you in setting up professional charting software with indicators such as those used on his website. However, you will not receive the indicators that have identified him as an expert trader as they took him years to develop and test.

Binary Options Trading Signals

Final Thoughts on Using Binary Options Signals

You are advised to have an additional monitor if you want to run the software on your computer as they will play a significant role in entry timing more so when there is a delay in internet connection. Many traders, however, prefer to rely on the information they receive from the Binary Options Trading Signals hence do not need their computers to have additional software.

An advantage of Franco’s screencast and the trading room is that it is shared in HD resolutions through Meeting Burner which is devoted which is certified online software for meetings and screencasts.

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