Check Target Gift Card Balance: Complete Visa Gift Card Guide

Target gift card balance is becoming a popular method to send gifts to your loved ones. When you want to send gifts to your family or friends you normally buy some gifts online and ship to their resident. Apart from liking or disliking of the recipients of those gifts, you get satisfied when you have delivered that gift to them.

Target visa gift card balance is the way when you send them a virtual VISA card with a prepaid card balance. The recipients of this gift card can use that card to buy a gift which he likes or has already on his wish list. This visa gift card balance is available with a denomination from $5.00 to $1,000.00. So you can choose the balance amount as per your budget.

Table of Contents

    1. What is a Target gift card?
    2. What gift cards does Target sell?
    3. How to check the balance on Target gift card?
    4. Where to buy Target gift cards?
    5. Target gift card FAQ

What is The Target Gift Card?

Target is a famous online store with a lot of shopping options available. The store issues several types of VISA gift cards which work like your regular debit card issued from your bank. When you are ready to purchase that card, you can select and top-up your VISA gift card while selecting the denomination you want. It ranges from $5.00 to $1,000.00.

The person who holds that card can use that card to buy anything on any store online. That’s truly a Visa debit card. This way it proved that this gift card is a good way to send gifts to your loved ones.

What Gift Cards Does Target Sell?

Target sells various types of gift cards for different occasions.  Here are few of them which are specifically used for a certain event or occasion.

  • Stockpile Gift Card
  • Visa Gift Card
  • MasterCard Fee Gift Card
  • American Express Gift Card
  • Southwest Airlines Gift Card
  • Anniversary Gift Card
  • Disney Gift Card
  • Birthday Gift Card
  • Play station Games Gift Card

How to Check the Balance on Target Gift Card?

You can check the balance available in your Target Visa Gift Card while following the below steps.

1. Check Target Gift Card Balance Online

Step 1: Login to Target website to check Visa Gift Card balance

Step 2: Enter your VISA card number

Step 3: Enter your Gift Card Access Number

Step 4: Press the “Check Balance” button

Your Visa Gift Card balance will be displayed to you.

2. Check Target Gift Card Balance on Call

You can always call Target support number to check your Visa Gift Card balance. Here is the Target phone number for your assistance.

☎ 800-544-2943

3. Check Target Gift Card Balance on Local Target Stores near you

You can always find a nearest local Target store and visit to check the balance of your Visa Gift Card. Click the button below to find local Target stores near to your location.
☉ Find Nearest Target Store

Where to Buy Target Gift Cards?

Target gift cards can be purchased either online or local Target stores in your area. If you want to buy a VISA gift card from Target online, you may want to visit their website at and select the gift card which suits your needs and budget. You can just buy your VISA gift card the same as you buy other products on Target store.

Target Gift Card FAQ

How to Use a Target Gift Card Online?

Target Visa Card can be used to shop on Target stores online or offline. You can but whatever you want from Target store while keeping the shopping budget within your Target Visa Gift Card Balance. You can also check Walmart gift card balance if you have that card in your hand.

How to Activate the Target Gift Card?

Target Visa Gift Card is by default activated when it’s shipped. So you can just scratch the Visa card number and start using that number the same way you normally use your debit card to purchase goods online.

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