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Choosing the Best Exercise Headphones for Your Smartphone

Most experts will tell that the right kind of music can really help motivate you when you’re working out. But to enjoy music completely, you also need the right headphones.




Factors to Consider

The price isn’t the only factor you need to consider when you’re buying headphones for your mobile device when you’re working out. First you really need to consider wireless options. That’s because wires can pose an additional danger when you workout in the gym. Then you also have to make sure that the headphones are light and comfortable. They should also stay put, since your exercise means that you will move around a lot. It should also offer protection against perspiration, and it should be water resistant so that you don’t have to worry when you’re jogging in the streets and it starts to rain.

Then when all these considerations are met, you can then pick one which offers the best sound quality for you as well as the most convenient controls. You don’t really need noise canceling features because you want to hear it when a vehicle is approaching you from behind. And you also don’t have to care if the sound is leaking and bothering your neighbors.

The final consideration is perhaps if it is foldable, lightweight and easy to transport.

Sporting Headphones Options

Here are some excellent options you may want to consider:

Monster iSport Victory. The designers of these headphones really put in just about every feature you would want on a sporting headphone. It’s very durable and robust yet very lightweight. The cord is tangle-free, and it sits securely while you go through your exercises. It’s also waterproof, and it’s very easy to wash the sweat off afterwards.

The sound has some impressive bass, but it also offers impressive clarity and detail. There’s even an inline microphone for hands-free calls. Finally, you also get superb noise isolation.

What you don’t get is a very low price, however. And with the Monster iSport Victory, you’ll have to be willing to pay premium for this quality headphones.

Pioneer SE-E721. This one is a frontrunner in the value for money category. It’s reasonably affordable, but all the essentials are here. It is very durable, and yet also very lightweight. The earbud nozzle can adjust inside your ear for a secure fit, and it also clamps around your ear so it won’t budge when you move around. And the fit is also very comfy too.

The sound from the 9mm speaker units is good enough, with lots of bass but with adequate clarity for audiophiles. All in all, it’s a serious contender in the “bang for the buck” category. The only downside is that it doesn’t really look all that nice—it looks more like some sort of medical contraption.

Sennheiser PMX 685i Sports. If in-ear buds aren’t your thing, then this is your best alternative. It’s slim but durable. It sits comfortably in your ear, and it stays there securely because of the flexible headband. It even offers rich sound, although you may notice some distortion at higher volumes. The price is reasonable as well.

Choose from any of these headphones, and you’ll have the music to help you get the most from your workouts.