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Design Android Apps – 17 Awesome Android Apps That Every Designer Must Have!

The android platform is the world fastest growing market in an open-source world. By having Big G (google) behind it trigger people to use it straight away. For All of those folks, who don’t know what is Android and why people use it; here is the brief history.

Brief Android History

Android is basically Linux-based operating which is running most on touch-screen devices like smart phones and smart tablets. It is originally developed by Android, Inc. Google was financially supporting android company and later on endorsed it in 2005.  First time android was uncovered in the public eye in 2007 and the first phone with android-powered was sold out in October 2008. After that time, android never looked back and now it is the second leading mobile operating system in the world behind Apple ios. You can judge its popularity now a days by looking on the facts that thousands of android apps are downloaded from google play store every day.

Because of its immense popularity thousands of designers and developers around the globe are making quality android apps every day. To design android apps is now an easy game because of the availability of superb ready made tools. These tools can speed up the process of development and provide limitless functionality to your development arsenal. Here is my awesome list of 17 android apps that will surely help any designer and developer to design android apps in an efficient way.

Color Palette Android Apps

Magic Color Picker

Magic color picker is a smart app for picking color and perfectly suits any designer and photographer. You can choose any color mode with one 1-click. Magic color picker supports 7 color modes like HSV, HSL,RGB,YUV etc. You can adjust colors by either using slider or palettes.


Color Pal

Color Pal is a very powerful android app that can easily find any color palettes and schemes for you in no time. Now it is very easy to find a best color scheme for your project with less effort, color pal doing the job for you.HEX, CMYK,RGB color vales are included in this app and user can easily email the color schemes for future reference. I personally like this app very much.


Image Color Picker

Image color picker is another app that can easily detect colors from any photo or image. Now if you love a color in any image than use image color pick to grab that color for you.


Real Colors

It is a fantastic app for any designer due to its excellent functionality. It can automatically generates color pallets for any given image. Just choose any picture from your phone image galley and then see the magic. Real colors will automatically generates awesome color pallets for any given image which will passed to it. You can also save the color pallets and use them in future easily. One more cool feature of this app you do not only get colors information but you can also export and share your color pallets with your friends.


Superdry Color Picker

Superdry color picker is color picker library for android. It has great usability but having less features and bad user interface. But not very bad at-least worth a try.The source code is available on the following links”: and


Drawing Android Apps

Autodesk SketchBook Mobile Express

Autodesk SketchBook Mobile Express is a professional drawing application for android driven smartphones which has screen sizes of 7 or under. SketchBook Mobile Express app has excellent line of sketching tools and deliver its output through an intuitive UI.

Some of the great features of this app are: full screen space, multi-touch navigation with a handy 2500% zoom. You can merge 3 layers and can control the opacity.



Scribbler is an another great touch drawing and finger painting application that can speed the process of drawing on your smart phones. You have to only provide the outline and this app tries to fill the outline with random strokes. You can control the color transparency and thickness of your outlines. You can also draw the object by using your hand. It is very fun doodling app. This is a free version but have all features of pro version except advertisement are playing on screen.


Clear Draw

Clear draw is very handy drawing app that has lots of great features which can easily fill your drawing appetite. You can create rectangles,circles,eclipse,spray, straight lines and a cross hair tool to align paths. You also have the option to change the color of the canvas and you can easily share your images with your friends by using email,dropbox and picasa. A perfect app to play and for serious drawing.


Photo Editing Android Apps

Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express is a great tool to experience your image-retouching skills on smart phones. This app is not like the regular adobe photoshop which we use on our computers but it has enough features which you need to retouch any image. This app offers lots of features like image resizing,cropping,drawing shapes etc.



Vignette is an awesome app for photography purposes. This app has ready made photo effects which you can apply to your desire images very easily. This is free trial version but you can upgrade it to paid version once you like the app.


Photo Editor

Photo Editors comes with lots of valuable features that you need to edit a picture on smartphones. You can manipulate images,adjust colors,add effects, rotate, crop, resize, frame, and draw on your photos with ease. The easy touch and pinch-to-zoom interface makes it simple to play with your photos and get the exact look you desire.


Image Editor

Image Editor is simple yet effective android app that you can use to edit your images and saves them on your phone. Some of the most prominent effects of this app are color filters, blurs and tones. You definitely give it a try if you like simple user interface apps.


BeFunky Photo Editor

BeFunky Photo Editor is very popular photo editor among the android apps users. This app comes with some unique features like he permits its users to batch unlimited image effects and edit and you can control every edit and also undo them. You can adds text and lots of effects to your pictures with 1-click. Befunky is totally free app without any adds. Just enjoy your photo editing experience with this great app.


Photo Illusion

Photo Illusion is a great photo editing app because it provides lots of effects and filters that ultimately speed up the process of image editing with desire result. You can apply filter and effects on high resolution images easily. You can crop and rotate images without losing its tone. This a free version with adds, but you can upgrade to paid version once you like the app.



Paintle is an awesome image editor with lots of fun. You can mix your photos with thousands of cool stickers library.Your images can enjoy amazing backgrounds and messages with awesome fonts and styles.


Pixlr Express

Pixlr Express is professional photo editing app that lets you quickly crop and re-size images, fix some issues like red eye effect and whiten teeth. You can enhance the beauty of your pictures by using more than 600 effects. You can also apply border and overlays to personalize your images.



Last one is my favorite photo editing app on android store. It is the best photo gallery and picture browser&viewer in Android, more quick and clear. You can view single image as well slideshow with an exceptional quality. Browse through thousands of picture without any problem. Easily scan through folders, image hiding and password protection also included.


These are few apps which i brings out from android ocean. If you want to design android apps then these apps can surely help you to speed up the process of development.

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