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EZ Battery Reconditioning Review (2023)

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Ez battery reconditioning is a program developed by Tom Ericson is an idea to bring back dead batteries to life hence saving replacement costs. The program does not limit to a specific type of batteries but rather all forms of batteries. The batteries types include phone batteries, laptop batteries, drills, and even car batteries, among other machines that are powered by batteries.

The primary focus is all about bringing back the old and dead batteries back to 100% functionality. In a factory set up, for instance, it is apparent that we all want to minimize production costs. Therefore adopting the Ez battery reconditioning program would be a great idea to save the battery replacement costs hence reducing the general production costs.

Who is EZ Battery Reconditioning For?

If you have no idea of how this program works out, then this guide is worth reading as it provides a simple procedure on the entire reconditioning process. This battery reconditioning process has helped many people save millions of money each year, and you should also try it out. Some of the electronic devices which use batteries and can repair and impact include:

  • Laptop/PC
  • Mobile devices i.e., smartphones, GPS units, and electronic book readers
  • Cameras i.e., camcorders, security and CCTV cameras
  • Radios
  • Cordless tools i.e., drills, wrenches, screwdrivers, saws, and grinders
  • Clocks and Watches
  • Battery reconditioning

As mentioned herein, the battery reconditioning guide allows you to recharge and make use of the old batteries hence saving costs on buying new ones. The program also includes some tools that will help you test the batteries before you can begin the reconditioning process. Testing is a critical part of this process, and you will thus need to make use of a multimeter to determine the battery’s condition.

The EZ battery reconditioning course is straightforward to follow through, and you have nothing to worry about as all steps are clearly outlined in the guide. Some of the battery types which can be repaired after getting EZ battery reconditioning guide include:

  • Car batteries
  • Solar panel batteries
  • Phone batteries
  • Laptop batteries
  • Clock batteries
  • Golf Cart Batteries

Who would have thought that old batteries could be reused over and over again instead of discarding and replacing them? It turns out that this is no longer a fantasy. You guessed right, and dead batteries can indeed be brought back to full life! Not just once, but twice, thrice, and so on. Sounds good. This world is the whole of possibilities. There is always a way to go about everything, and the revitalization of batteries has not been left out. EZ reconditioning is one of the techniques. Welcome to EZ battery resurrection 101.

But Why the EZ Battery Reconditioning Method?

1. To wake your battery from the dead!

If a battery dies, it means that its ability to store and release charge has reduced over time because Sulphate deposits have clogged and insulated the battery plates. Therefore, the EZ battery reconditioning method entails removing these deposits from the plates, so that standard functionality resumes. Your battery becomes good as new, or even twice as good.

2. Pro-wallet

Buying new batteries will notoriously put holes in your wallet. Instead, it is much cheaper to revive the old batteries you already have and save the money for buying new ones. EZ battery reconditioning guide might cost you just about half the price of a new battery or less.

3. Pro-environment

You must want to continue living in a healthy environment, right? EZ battery conditioning method will make you a hero of the situation since your old batteries will now be used over and over instead of being disposed of.

4. Performance authority

Using the EZ battery conditioning method requires you to carefully and safely follow the procedures from an EZ battery conditioning program guide. However, it is not free but is affordable.

5. Effectiveness

The EZ battery conditioning method has been proven to be very useful. It brings batteries back to full power and in some cases, even twice as much. It also reduces the chances of batteries losing power.

6. Anti-poverty

The EZ battery conditioning method can be your vehicle to sky-high financial heights. You need to follow a detailed EZ battery conditioning program guide very safely and carefully. Profit margins are high since the costs are so small.

The Secret EZ Battery Reconditioning

Battery reconditioning remains a vague subject for the majority, which might leave you overwhelmed by the vast number of questions running in your mind. Here is what you should know about EZ battery reconditioning program:

  • To maximize your battery life, perform reconditioning at room temperature, and pressure and charging should not be entire.
  • Reconditioned batteries are better in performance and can rarely let you down.
  • Don’t just buy a battery for the sake, buy purposefully, and know what kind of battery you are buying. Some batteries are suitable for reconditioning, while others are not.
  • All types of batteries are never meant to be tossed away, and they can be reused at least once.
  • Overcharging a battery can affect the number of times of reuse.

How the EZ Battery Reconditioning Works

  1. Tom Ericson’s program offers you all the materials that you need, including the guides and free access to the course download. Among other features that you may require to carry out the entire process with ease.
  2. The course does not only restricts you from bringing back dead batteries for personal use but also business purposes, among other methods. Its, therefore, means that you can recharge all forms of batteries ranging from marine batteries, car batteries batteries, laptop batteries, phones to all types of machines that are powered by these batteries. You realize that each year, you spend lots of money replacing old batteries. Especially if you’re running an industry in which you would quickly reduce them to 0% if you made use of this reconditioning program.
  3. The course is a complete guide providing a step by step procedures on how to bring back to life the dead batteries. The steps are straightforward and clear for the efficient reconditioning process.
  4. The EZ battery reconditioning program also covers some skills that help you understand the essence of even testing the batteries. Before you can begin the reconditioning process for your batteries at home. It means that you do not have to be an expert in this process, as everything is included in this guide to get you through the entire process efficiently.
  5. The program also includes pictures and clearly described diagrams for clear illustrations on how you should carry out the entire process. This helps you carry out every procedure perfectly through the use of the illustrated diagrams in the guide.
  6. The guide also offers you professional advice on matters concerning the reconditioning process to help you avoid making mistakes that would fix you as you recondition your batteries. Also, Tom provides you with free regular updates, which would help you improve battery functionality.

Snopes/Facts of EZ battery reconditioning.

There are some critical facts to know about EZ battery reconditioning:

  • EZ battery reconditioning can be life-threatening if you don’t follow all the safety procedures to the letter. These include the use of safety gear and the appropriate use of reconditioned tools. This should not scare you from undertaking the EZ battery reconditioning program. It’s just a risk like any other, but take it if you are ready.
  • Results are remarkably satisfying with no accidents only if you follow the EZ reconditioning program carefully and safely.
  • There is a full course on EZ battery reconditioning by Tom Ericson, which covers all types of existent batteries and comprises 21 chapters. You can read the manual as you implement and monitor the process.
  • EZ battery reconditioning can be done at home. You can try performing it on your dead laptop or phone battery.
  • You need no skills or a college degree to understand EZ battery reconditioning. Just the discipline to stick to the guidelines in the EZ battery reconditioning program/manual.
  • EZ battery reconditioning can enable you to build a business empire as long as you are ready to learn and educate yourself.
  • The manual is for sale. Consider it as a small investment that is worth risking, and it is improbable that you will regret it. It costs less than $50 exclusive of hidden costs.
  • The EZ battery reconditioning process is a 10 – 20-minute process.
  • It is a very lasting solution to all battery issues. However, revived batteries do not last for more than a year with the injected power.
  • EZ battery reconditioning program works for car batteries, laptop batteries, golf batteries, clock batteries, among others.
  • There is a huge demand for reconditioning batteries in the entire world. You might want to make a killing out of it.

Does EZ Battery Reconditioning Work?

Yes, it works, but saying it does not make it work. You must get to understand exactly how possible it gets. For the EZ battery reconditioning method to work, you need the following,

  • Tools and materials – get some dead batteries, trickle chargers, distilled water, and the other elements listed in the guide by Tom Ericson. For the batteries, you might want to buy or just collect them.
  • Evaluate the batteries – good batteries for the process are those that are safe for the process and will perform well after renovated. Battery choices should be made very accurately since not all batteries can be renewed.
  • EZ battery reconditioning program/guide/manual – make sure you have it before starting the process since you will be following the procedures therein. Then follow it step-by-step safely and carefully. Pay attention to detailed illustrations.


  • The program suits all people who have an interest in batteries. This means that you do not have to be an expert in this field or have some experience or rather technical knowledge on carrying out the entire process. All procedures are clearly stated in the guide. The critical issue is all about being interested in recharging old batteries, and therefore, anyone with this kind of interest can as well carry out the program with ease.
  • No restrictions on the specific location from where you should carry out the program. Therefore you can st anyone download the guide and begin the reconditioning process as soon as you have all the information you need to carry out the entire program.
  • The program is affordable as you only need to make a one–time payment while downloading the guide. With this program, you do not incur any shipping cots or any other related expenses, and therefore all you need to do is merely downloading the manual guide after making your payments. After downloading the guide, you will be able to enjoy free professional advises and updates through your email to ensure that you run everything effectively during the reconditioning process.
  • The program can easily be accomplished with the use of available materials and requirements from the local hardware, and you, therefore, do not need to worry about how you could acquire the require reconditioning materials.
  • The program also allows you to save replacement costs and even make money from the battery reconditioning process. You can even think of getting dead or rather old batteries and bringing back them to life and also sell them at a reasonable price to other people. This means that you can really make good profits as you do not spend any costs on the reconditioning process other than acquiring the materials and equipment required in the program accomplishment.
  • The EZ battery reconditioning program comes with a money-back guarantee such that if the program does not seem to be working out, you can get your money back in six days from the day you made the purchase.


  • Safety precaution is required while handling the batteries during the reconditioning process. Batteries contain some toxic elements, including acids, and therefore you will; need some protective garments before you can begin the reconditioning process to prevent all forms of contamination.
  • The process may not work out efficiently if you do not carry out each step as laid out. You, therefore, need to follow through each step, as illustrated in the pictures and diagram for a successful process.
  • The program is only available on an online format as the guide is sent to your email after placing the order. This thus could be a challenge to some people who find it difficult reading materials in the digital format. Internet connectivity is also required to download the program, which may not be available for all users.

Why EZ Battery Reconditioning is Worth Buying

The essential advantage of acquiring this e-book is its simplicity and clearly outlined steps on how to carry out all the laid procedures. Tom uses simple language and even diagrams to ensure that all users can quickly know how to go through the entire process.

The EZ battery reconditioning program is worth going for. If you think of saving on battery replacement costs, then think of the EZ battery reconditioning e-book.

The Price of EZ Battery Reconditioning E-book Guide

The price of EZ battery reconditioning e-book will differ from one seller to the other, and also depending on several factors such as royalty percentages, the e-book’s length, and quality, and price of related books. You can buy the e-book from as low as $0.99 to as high as $199.99. However, some sellers will give you a discount.


With the help of this guide, you’ll be able to recondition your old batteries easily. You won’t incur expenses all the time in purchasing new batteries.

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