Fighting the war against excessive fats!

With the growing routine of fast foods and obsessing with work while sitting on chair is increasing the risk of bulky stomachs. The fat not only reshape your body to some bad look, it also increases the risk to healthy life. Mostly women in the world specially in United States, are getting fatty balloons which are making them look bulky.  I am going to list down some main reasons to a fatty stomach here so you can see if you are able to avoid and stay healthy.

Reasons Behind Excessive Weight or Fats

  • Less usage of vegetables and fruits
  • Less daily water consumption
  • Excessive fats are used in normal foods
  • Lack of exercise in daily routines
  • Poor digestion system

It’s a new era with lot of new attractions in our life, now kids are busy in indoor games, moms are busy in kitchens, fathers are busy in office work. This modern era brought us many bad things as well as good things and people are found less physically active in their routine now. The robotic life is killing for people as I myself think it as slow poison. I am too engaged in that type of activities which don’t involve us physically rather engage us mentally. I suffered with obsession in my last 5 years and found so many problems in my body. Here is a small list of problems which all the fatty men and women face.

  • Embarrassment in front of other smart bellies
  • High level of Cholesterol
  • Fatigue in different parts of body
  • Difficulty to sit and walk as well  and moving quickly when needed
  • Low performance in dance and sports

How Can We Fight With Excessive Weight or Fats?

It is really dangerous that the number of people are increasing in the whole world which are obsessed. The question arises, how to fight a war with excessive fats of weight you gain? You are only the person who can solve this problem and tune your body shape again and live the healthy life. I am writing few but most effective ways to lose weight.

  1. Dietary considerations
  2. Exercises
  3. Surgery
  4. Supplements

Dietary Considerations

Living a healthy life for long time is not possible if you not consider to adopt healthy diets or meals. If you need to know the real secret, I would say that healthy life lies in the kitchen with full of fruits and vegetables. This is the well-known truth that vegetables and fruits are the source to those vitamins and fibers which makes us healthy. I would suggest you to avoid fast food first or at-least decrease the number of meals, you have out of home in fast food restaurants and be a good vegetarian.

Why I should be a vegetarian?

vegetables and fruits are the real way to a healthy life as the real good effect you will ever have while using vegetables will be improvement in your digestive system and when you are having those healthy diamonds in your meals, you will have less constipation and a good transit from stomach to intestine. That really helps us to discharge all the bad things produced in our body while digestion.

Adopting Exercises to Lose Weight Significantly

Certain exercises can be adopted to lose your excessive fats on your belly. It is found in experiments that when you work for your belly, those exercises also effect the excessive fats on your thighs and arms. so focusing on belly exercises can reduce the amount of fats on other parts of body too. Here are some exercises to help you lose weight.

Rapid Weight Loss Exercises Fat Loss Exercises How to loose weight with exercise Fat loss exerciseEffective Weight Loss ExercisesWeight loss exercise








Surgical Method to Loose Weight

Surgical method to lose extra fats from the human body can be adopted when all other methods are failed as it is not included in my recommendation. Surgical method to lose body weight or fats is called LIPOSUCTION. Liposuction or other surgical methods are mostly expensive and normally not possible to bear that type of tensions which arise from surgically removing fats. I am not a real fan of this method so I cannot write more to induce people towards surgically lose fats.

Weight Loss Supplements

There is number of weight loss supplements in the market now, some of which are scams and some really work. In Mehmat Oz (A Medical Scientist) discovered a break through with a fruit like which resembles to pumpkin. Dr. Oz proved that pumpkin shaped fruit called Garcinia Cambogia is a miracle in medical sciences and reduces fats really fast than a magic in the real world. I am not a real fond of using supplements when you can do the dietary measures or get some time for exercise , therefore Garcinia Cambogia can be used to lose fats effortlessly.