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Fossil Smartwatch Gen 3

Fossil (Gen 3) Smartwatch Review & Buying Guide

Smartwatches are increasingly becoming a must accessory. Fashion brands are taking over from the traditional manufacturers, and it’s the reason why you need to get yourself the FOSSIL (GEN 3) Smartwatch. This wear OS smartwatch is made by Fossil.

With its incredible and eye-catching design, display and excellent performance, you’ll be happy to know that you’re getting the best value for money. This review looks at why this smartwatch is a must have for you.

1. The Smartwatch Design

When buying a the best smartwatch for women, the first thing buyers check is the design. The fossil gen 3 model features silver and blue metals along with a tan leather strap. That means you get a fancy watch, which you’ll enjoy wearing. Ref Link. Fossil provides you with stainless steel (46mm) smartwatch. If you don’t want any of the watch bands offered, you can swap it for another 22m band.

The contrast between the silver and blue coloring in addition to the polished and brushed metal ensures you get a smartwatch that stands out from the rest. Fossil has put a fashion first approach in the design of this smartwatch. On the underside, the glass panel, which is circular black, enables users to enjoy wireless charging.

This fossil watch is software based, rather than hardware based. That means you can choose the information to display on the small screen and the ascent and background colors.

On its side, the three buttons enhance the design of this watch. As digital buttons, they provide you with good functionality. The center crown, on the other hand, rotates and to form an important feature of the interface control.

2. Smartwatch Performance

Wear OS smartwatches usually have the same software, with the exception of custom watch faces. It means there is little or no difference at all in the model you purchase, no matter the manufacturer. You control their interface by using their touch screen, side buttons or by voice command.

However, when you pair them with an iPhone, you will not get the best functionality, as you will get using an Android device. You should note that while fossil claims that this smartwatch has the ability to track calories burned, steps and distance, what you actually get is an estimated guess when it comes to distance and calories. Without a heart rate monitor and GPS, users can’t get accurate results.

When you pair it with an android, the fossil gen 3 performs better. For instance, users can reply to messages with supported apps by scribbling on the screen, using their voice or using short message templates. It’s ideal for two-three word response.

The fossil gen 3 handles several apps quite well, except when it comes to loading data through Wi-Fi connection or a phone, where you may have to wait.

3. Smartwatch Display

Following the recent trend of Wear OS smartwatches, the fossil gen 3 features an entirely round display on its front. It enables you to enjoy full and perfect round (watch face) display, without any part being cut off.

This smartwatch features a vibrant contrast and sharp screen while it’s indoors are bright to enable you to enjoy a detailed and colorful effect. During daylight, it may not provide you with the best display, but you’ll still be able to read notifications and time.

4. Smartwatch Battery Performance

Just as other OS wear watches, the fossil gen 3 battery may leave wishing you had a longer lasting battery in smartwatch. It doesn’t last an entire two days, which means it needs constant recharging. However, the all-day battery along with wireless charging disc should be reasons to consider buying this smartwatch.

Depending on your needs, you may find the charging times to be quite long. For instance, it takes hours to charge from dead to fully charged.

The best way to charge this smartwatch is to take it off every evening and charge it as you sleep. If you have experience with smartwatches, this may not surprise you. It’s our hope that manufacturers check this issue when designing new wear OS smartwatch models in the future.

5. Pros & Cons

Bright Sides

  • The fossil gen 3 has a bright screen
  • You’ll find the 22mm straps that are swappable to be ideal
  • Its programmable buttons are of great use
  • Excellent design and build quality
  • The wear OS world is improving

Dark Sides

  • The charging times takes quite long
  • The battery life doesn’t last more than two days
  • When you pair it with an iPhone, some functions go missing
  • The gen 3 can be slow when using Wi-Fi/data connection

Smartwatch Buying Guide

1. You’ll need to connect the smartwatch to a Smartphone for it to function properly. That means its functionality will depend on the type of Smartphone you’re using.

2. Make sure the smartwatch has the right features for your needs. Most of the brands in the market have an incredible digital display that reflects the date, time and notifications and the presence of apps.

3. The apps, which can run on the Smartphone, are another thing to consider. You’ll need to pair the smartwatch with your Smartphone and most of the wearable technologies have their set of inbuilt apps on the app store. They enhance the functioning and feature list of ant wearable device.


When looking for elegant and beautiful smartwatches, the FOSSIL (GEN 3) provides several features that you’ll love. It’s waterproof, attractive and available in several bands and finish styles.

It doesn’t offer you advanced activity or health tracking features, but it offers you the best service that you may expect from a smartwatch. Wear OS means you enjoy both Android and iPhone support, but its charging duration and battery life may leave you disappointed.

If you’re looking for a smartwatch that has to wear OS features, the FOSSIL (GEN 3) is one amazing choice. It feels and looks like a regular watch, but with smart features and fashionable look. For more reviews on the latest tech gadgets, check out our Camera Reviews.

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