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How to Catch a Cheating Spouse? :: Expert Spy’s Advice

Last Updated on September 19, 2023 by Richard Hall

Surprisingly lot of women and men in USA need help in finding out if their spouse is cheating them. This is modern era and we have access to such a new type of thinking and leveraging the modern gadgets to catch some cheating spouse. Well, today it is not a matter of such difficulty which we think so. We can do number of things to find out those types of information which let us know that if our spouse is cheating or not. As I am having lot of knowledge about this topic and helped few hundred people in the past 5 years, I decided to write some article for those who want this. So please read it care fully and carry on the steps listed below.

Symptoms & Signs of a Cheating Spouse

signs of cheating spouse

Here are a small list of signs of a cheating spouse, you may use this information to cross check with your case if your spouse is really cheating or not. I am sure that you will have the right idea when you judge your spouse on the following grounds, however I am not giving guarantee that you will find 100% truth.

  1. Check if your spouse is spending more time outside or home or with someone else, Sometime you may see that , your spouse puts some important work back and meets someone, keep an eye on what he is doing and whom he is meeting mostly.
  2. Check if your spouse suddenly depart even when talking to you or when playing with kids, he may need some privacy. If your spouse pulls out some sudden privacy then there is something which is suspicious.
  3.  See if your spouse gets or prepares the chance to fight with you even when you are behaving with the love utmost.
  4. Sometime cheating spouse is not engaged locally, he/she may be involved in online dating or some other sort of things, so look with keen eyes, if your spouse is spending more time online.
  5. Check if your spouse is busy most of the time on phone even when he/she is at home and don’t having a business call.
  6. If you have access to his/her credit card bills and phone bills, investigate secretly that, where he/she is spending money, Is he/she giving precious gifts or where his/her number of calls are more than others.

Dealing With a Cheating Spouse, Before you Catch Him/Her


dealing with cheating spouse

When you have planned to catch your spouse cheating on you, I suggest you to adopt such a polite behavior with your partner that, he/she may not get a chance to assume that he/she is going to be caught. I suggest you the following type of changes in your behavior, which may get your plan of catching your cheating spouse red handed.

  • Try to show him/her maximum love, while spending the bit of time which he/she may be having with you.
  • On one hand, arrange some gifts for him/her and on the other hand proceed with your secret plan.
  • Ignore his/her mistakes apparently and note down the things which may confirm you that, your spouse is cheating on you.
  • Keep your secret mission as secret as possible, if he/she gets able to know about your plan, he/she may get some counter plan to escape.
  • Be a secret agent in yourself, do the professional sort of behavior.

How to Catch a Cheating Spouse Using Cell Phone?

catch cheating spouse with cell phone

Today, catching cheating spouse is more easy with cell phone than other methods. I recommend you to just check which type of mobile phone , your spouse is having and then  go and buy some spy phone application which sports that phone. These spy phone applications can reside secretly in your spouse’s mobile phone and you will have access to the following information through that spy phone application or software.

  • You will be able to listen live calls either incoming or out-going from your spouse’s cell phone.
  • It enables you to read full and all text messages sent or received from your spouse’s cell phone
  • You will have access to the internet data used by the cell phone which is in use of your spouse.

There can be lot of things, you can access through those types of applications or software.  I am not going to advocate any specific cell phone application or software, You need to search your own. However I will welcome your queries on my twitter and I can suggest your there.

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