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How to File a Personal Injury Claim

personal injury claim

When a person is injured, they often do not know if they should file a personal injury claim. Do they need a lawyer? And how does the process of filing a personal injury claim even begin? In this article, we will give you a few steps to be able to get the help you need to file your claim.

Six steps to start a personal injury claim

  1. The first step after any accident is to write down everything you remember. After an accident, many people will begin to forget little bits and pieces. All of this information is valuable and should be written down as soon as you have time.
  2. Gather your evidence. Were there witnesses to the accident? Be sure you have their contact information.
  3. Gather all of your medical records. You will need the medical records for the personal injury claim. Keep notes of when you go to any medical facility or physician in regards to treatment stemming from the injury or accident.
  4. Once you have all of your information gathered together it may time to seek legal advice. Although there are many lawyers available, be sure that you are able to get to one soon. These are the experts that can give you all the information on your personal injury claim.
  5. Once you have acquired a lawyer that you are comfortable with be sure to follow the directions given.
  6. If you have chosen not to hire a legal expert then you will be dealing with the insurance companies to settle the case. You will be gathering letters, documentation and making phone calls. The insurance adjusters will be contacting you and may even set up meetings. If at any time you are uncomfortable with what you are being told then it is time to seek professional advice.

Personal injury claims can be handled with or without legal representation and the choice is completely yours. Always remember that you do have the right to seek advice when necessary. While filing your personal injury case things can sometimes get hectic and you may feel that you are being pushed to accept a settlement that you are not comfortable with. Do not be afraid to tell those who are working on the case that you need some time to think things through.

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