How To Make Money From ClickBank [Beginners Guide Part 1]

How to make money from ClickBank is an eager desire of every person who uses internet for serious purposes. It is a fact that most of the people in this world don’t like day jobs and they want to quit their day jobs if they have any better income option. But it is also a fact that there are lots of example in this world in which a person becomes billionaire by using the power of internet (like FaceBook CEO Mark Zuker Burg).Note: If you already know the basic steps, you can skip to the PART II (How To Make Money From Clickbank – A Beginners Guide Part 2)

There are lots of ways to earn a handsome income by using internet. According to me, it is easy to build a full time business on online. You can start from zero and earn 5 figures or even more from your business model easily. Only thing you want is to have a computer and internet connection. There are lots of examples on internet in which a person start working online (some people start for fun and some to earn money) and makes it full time business. One of the example is Darren Rowse (founder of the problogger). ProBlogger is a blog which teaches people how to earn money online while sitting on your computer.

There are countless ways to earn money from internet but today we will talk about IM (internet marketing). For me, it is one the best and easy way to earn  crazy money on internet. In IM you work as a vendor or affiliate. A vendor is the owner of the product and affiliate is working like a marketing agent who convinced people to purchase a particular product. When someone buy a product through affiliate recommendation then this person gets a handy commission from vendor who owns the product. ClickBank also works on this principle.

What is ClickBank and How it Works

ClickBank is acting like a digital products store in which people put their products so that it could be sold out. It handles all the payment processing and job of the vendor is to sit and collect money. CB is the biggest digital product store on internet and have a Alexa rank 449 (alexa – a site who ranks websites on internet by their user traffic). ClickBank deals only in digital products like software’s,video or audio lessons,ebooks and paid memberships sites.

How to make money from ClickBank is extremely easy. You can work here as vendor or affiliate. According to me, you should start working as a affiliate because you are a beginner in IM world and the loss is minimal as compared to vendor. Once you become a pro then you can launch your own product and hire affiliates to bring sales.But first you have to sign up for an account on ClickBank and the good news is that it is completely free.

How To Signup For ClickBank Account – A Step-by-Step Guide

Just go to this address and scroll down until you see like this (image below)


Just click on i have established audience. It will take you to a page like this


click on signup now button and it will take you a page like below just fill out the sign up form with correct information. Just choose a username which sound good like imguru, imexpert etc i think you got the idea. After submitting the form ClickBank sent you a confirmation email to the address which you had mentioned while filling the form. Just confirm the email. Congratulations you have successfully signup for a ClickBank account.

If you didn’t login automatically then you can go to this link  and put your login credentials and voila!


This is the dashboard of your account. Here you can see you stats and other stuff. I just leave this up to you, go and explore the dashboard. But now our next goal is to choose a profitable product that converts well.


How To Choose a ClickBank Product That Sells

This is a point where most of the people in IM market is failed. They just choose a random creepy product and hope for the getting lots of sales but it is not true. There are no hard and fast rule to choose a ClickBank products but there are some standard rules which IM guru are highlighted while choosing a hot converting product.

1- First of all, you will have to ask yourself if you are a customer then you will buy this product or not. Put yourself in the shoe of customers. If in first look you didn’t like this then definitely your customer will also not like this. If the product landing page is well written,no grammar and spelling errors,visual appealing,don’t look childish,offer bonuses and the price is reasonable then go for it, otherwise look for another one. Always choose a product on that topic in which you are an expert so that you can enjoy the whole process of getting sales.

2- Just check how much you will earn once the sales done. I always choose a product which gives me more than 20$. You have your own choice.

3- Just check how much commission they are offering on their product. I mostly choose 75% commission and you will find thousand of products that offers that much commission on clickBank. That’s why i love clickBank because it offers highest payout commission than any other network on internet.

4- While choosing a product if you find a product that offers recurring commission then go for it because once the sales done you will get commission again and again until customer would be a subscribed member of that service or site. You can find lots of recurring products in clickBank store.

5- Last one but it is important always choose a product that has a high gravity. Higher gravity means this product is doing well and affiliate brings sales easily. But don’t deceive by higher gravity sometimes it will not work for you. Because there are may be IM guru out there who have lots of money to spend to get ranked well for that particular product. My advice is to you, as a beginner always choose a product which has a gravity between 20 to 90. If you didn’t get a product with higher gravity then go for low gravity products also. But the key point is here while choosing a product you should consider these 5 points which i mentioned above.

Here is the screenshot guide which will teaches you how to choose a clickBank product from clickBank marketplace.While on dashboard you will a marketplace link in upper right corner just click it and it will take a page like below

How to make money from clickbank

Just click on advance search and it will take a page like below

easy to make money from clickbank


Just type your desired keyword in enter keyword field. I typed ‘acne‘ and in gravity i typed 20 to 90

Quickest way to make money from clickbank


Just scroll down below in affiliate tool page i check the option where it says vendors has affiliate tools page available that’s means you will promotional stuff like banners,per-written email reports,article,reviews,videos etc. You should use these stuff while promoting the product.

How to make money with clickbank

If you want you can check the recurring products option but in my case i didn’t check this because there is no recurring products available in this niche. Just hit search. ClickBank will brings results like this page.

make money from clickbank

Just analyze the first product. Acne no more offers 30.98$ that’s good with 75% commission and have a higher gravity of  89.61 while the time of writing. At that point it looks all good. Just click on the click and takes us on the product landing page.

quickly make money from clickbank

I carefully analyze the landing page. It has video in their sales thats great because landing page having videos coverts good. I read all sales page and it looks good to me. Visually appealing,having testimonials of customers, offer bonuses and with a slightly reasonable price. I will definitely promote this product because it is fulfilling our 5 key points of choosing a hot converting product.

This is enough for today lesson. In next part, i will teach you how can you earn money from your products. What are the ways to promote your products to get handsome commission in the return. What are ways to get traffic to your site so that you can promote your products to those users.

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  1. Hi, regarding Clickbank – do you have ideas about improving conversions on a varied webpage? I own a document sharing webpage and as such it is very to match offers to the visitor. Many thanks

  2. Manie Tousignant

    Good website; regarding Click-Bank has anyone any recommendations for a easy WordPress plugin that displays relevant offers based on a sites content?

  3. A beginner who have read through and heard about click bank online business, so wish to begin as an affiliate

    1. Hi Irma,

      ClickBank is not failed venture. I am personally making my livings through ClickBank affiliate program. I also have several internet marketers in my network, who really earn from few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars in a month.

  4. Kevin R. Cathcart

    This is called wonderful information. I just stumbled upon this blog post and started skimming and ended up reading the whole article. I would say, you helped people a lot to learn affiliate marketing things.

  5. I have heard that several mommy bloggers are making huge money as affiliate marketers. Is there a way, so I could start it too?

    1. Of course Carol, You can start making passive income from home. All you have to do pick a niche. Start a blog and write good contents. Put affiliate products in articles or in side bar. That can make you good amount of money with the course of time.

  6. Informative article. subscribing your blog, I hope you will keep writing more on affiliate marketing specially clickbank related material.

  7. Thanks for sharing such a nice info about affiliate marketing using ClickBank affiliate network. I have a blog which gets around couple dozen unique visitors per month. I have posted a well researched and detailed review about a ClickBank affiliate product. I got a sale in 5 months. There are still no sales after that.

    What should I do?

    1. Can you please check the traffic landing to your affiliate review page? Further you may want to dig into the bounce rate and user experience first. After that you should review your content for conversion point of view.

      ClickBank is legit and there are number of persons earning tons of money per month using ClickBank. All you have to see is the overall user experience and the content which converts.

      Try A/B testing with different type of call to actions as well.

  8. This is wonderful guide for beginner affiliates who want to earn from ClickBank affiliate program. I have not yet taken any action but your article encourages me to start it asap.

  9. I have just started building my own ClickBank affiliate site after reading your guide. I hope I will be earning well while following the instructions you wrote.

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