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How To Make Money From Clickbank – A Beginners Guide Part 2

ClickBank is no doubt one of the best affiliate marketing systems that i have ever come across. It is very flexible and robust at the same time. Anyone can make free account there with instant approval, and you can make money from your products straight away. Its really that simple, believe me. I will not waste your time telling you the same things, like what ClickBank is and how its works. If you want to know more about on this topic you can read my previous article in which i have given in-depth details about how ClickBank works and how you can choose any product from their marketplace. Check the link below.

How To Make Money From ClickBank – A Beginners Guide Part 1

In my last article, i had mentioned some ever green standards of choosing a ClickBank product that could sell. In this article, i will teach you about some rock solid product promotional methods that may help you to earn a handsome amount from ClickBank. So buckle up your seats and ready for a joyful ride.

How To Promote ClickBank Products – OMG IM Guru Will Kill Me


There are hundreds of ways, ranging from free to paid methods, to promote ClickBank products and at the end, it is up to you what method you choose according to your skills. In this article, i will mention some basic yet most crucial product promotional methods that may help you to become a successful internet marketer. So buckle up your seat belts and get ready yourselves for joyful ride.

Run An Advertising Campaign – Extremely Lucrative Approach


Advertisement is the best and easy to way to introduce your services or products to the sizeable masses. Results are astonishing if your market is hot and ever green. All those products that can solve people problems like health and financial converts like crazy. Use this weapon only if you have high budget in your pocket. I will not recommend this method for beginners because how to run an advertising campaign successfully is an art and you need time to learn it properly.

In online marketing there are mainly two types of search engines which you can use to boost your sales in a short time. First one is called 1st tier PPC search engines (Examples:Google,Yahoo Advertising,Microsoft adCenter) and other one is called 2nd tier PPC search engine (Examples:Ask,,Miva,looksmart,searchfeed,7search).

1st tier PPC search engines can give you explosive results in quick because they control 70 to 80% internet traffic. Millions of people are looking for their problems on these search engines and in this way your product or services can get more exposure. So if you have big budget then i will recommend you to use these PPC search engines to get more sales.But on the other hand, you can not underestimate the power of 2nd tier PPC search engines because these search engines also get million of view per day and lots of internet marketer use them successfully. At the end, what matter most is in which market you are dealing and your product has any worth or it is crap like others.

Here are some articles that can help you to run your first advertising campaign successfully. They all deal with basic stuff but a must read for beginners.

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Email Marketing – Extremely Powerful Weapon Of Internet Marketer


There is a saying that “Money lies in list” which means that if you have a huge email list of buyers then you can make lots of money by just shooting emails. I am going to give you a simple example that will reveal the power of email marketing. Let say you have chosen a lose weight product from ClickBank that deals with the methods on how to loose weight in a month or whatever and you have a targeted email list of 5000k people who are interested in loosing weight. Now do some math if you got 1 sale out of 100 then at the end you are getting 50 sales and you  imagine how much money you can make from this.

If you are serious about email marketing the i will recommend you to choose paid email marketing services like Aweber,iContact and GetAResponse. They have ready made email subscription form and thank-you pages. You can also send thousand of emails per day by using their auto responder. You can just simply write an email report and put it in auto responder and just tell it about the interval of sending and it will work for you like a robot. I will not recommend any free email marketing service but you can use MailChimp and they also has

Note:If you have website then you can build email list easily. Let suppose you have a website on ‘acne’ topic then you you can put a email subscription form in your sidebar or whatever place you like. You should make your subscription form in a way that it give a  free acne report in the form of pdf,audio or video. People love free stuff and by giving them free stuff you can capture their emails and after that just email them every time when any new product launched related to your topic.

Here is a article and video which i found useful on Aweber website:

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Your Own Website Can Do The Trick


As an affiliate, you should consider to having your own website on the topic which you enjoying most. It is not obligatory but a good business strategy. By having your own website, you can control everything. You can put banners of the products you are promoting anywhere on your website easily. You can also force people to subscribe your website to get more fresh content. So the  benefits of having your website is endless. I would recommend you make your own website and promote your products through it.

How To Make a Website – A Free Or Paid Way

Lots of people, who want to earn money from internet ask a question whether they start by using free website (blogger or WordPress blog ) or paid methods like having your your purchased domain and hosting. So what is my stance on this issue? If you are a beginner and have no penny then i will recommend you to choose a free method by making your free blog on or Once you start earning from your free blog then start considering having your own domain with self host. Go daddy is a good option for choosing a domain name because you can get good discounts on domains by using discount coupons. Similarly, BlueHost and HostGator are two best options for purchasing a hosting account so that you can host your domain here.

Note:For beginners, i will advise you to make a website which runs on WordPress platform.It is the world most used CMS (content management system) and having great flexible features that make your life easier as a webmaster. GuideMeAll is also using WordPress as a platform and one more thing google loves WordPress and you have your chance to get good positions is search engines in a short time.

Here are some tutorials that will surely help you to setup your first blog in minutes.

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I have just described some of the simple but pioneer methods that can help you to initiate your online business in minutes. In my future articles on this topic, i will discuss some more methods that can give you more exposure. I will warp this article in part 3 so just subscribe to our website and get fresh and valuable content daily that can makes your life more accessible than ever before.