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How To Make Your Own Emergency Disaster Kit – A Life Savior Guide

Last Updated on September 7, 2023 by Richard Hall

We are living in a world which is not safe anymore. Lots of dangerous threats are arising every new single day. Our societies in which we are living become polarized. People attitudes are more aggressive than before. Crimes rate are on the peak. Terrorist attacks are increasing day by day. Countries demolished other countries for their own interest. People are afraid of nuclear war. Calamities like tsunami,hurricanes and earth quake are increasing due to abrupt weather change (global warming effect). Sectarian riots are also taking place in big numbers. Whatever the reason, we should try to prepare yourself for any time of emergency.

Whether you are living in a peaceful society or a society in which fanatics or extremists are living, we should have all necessary tools in our tool box to cope with bad situation. It is a life savior guide in which i describe all essentials things ranges from water to medicines,which you may need in the time of danger. So prepare yourself to make your very own first emergency disaster kit in some simple steps.

Emergency Disaster Kit Checklist

One Time Or Reusable Kit – Ask Yourself

Before building your first disaster kit ask yourself this question that you need a disposal kit which you can use only one time or you want a kit that can be used several times because calamities can come without your permission any time. I think, it is better to go for with reusable approach because it is more safe and professional.

Always make that type of kit which is easy to carry. Don’t put useless stuff which you may not need. A reasonable kit is the one which is not too heavy or too light. It all depends on the journey which you are trying to set off. In homes, you need a kit with lots of stuff because you don’t have to carry things and in journey requirements are different. But some fundamental necessities are same like water,food and medicines stuff.Here are some things which have paramount importance according to Red Cross and FEMA and should be added to your emergency disaster kit.

Water Supply Utmost Importance

A man survive with out food for many days but without water he will dead in three days. Si it is very necessary to consider this fact and comes out with a sensible plan. How much water you need to store.

  • According to FEMA and Red Cross guidelines, one gallon water for every person per day.
  • It is good to store water in bottles and big containers which you may have in your homes. You can also buy bottles from shops which is sterilized and have good effect on your health. If you use regular water then you can purify it by under the guide of public health department.
  • Place water in cool or dark places so that it will not be evaporated so fast.
  • Seal the bottles and containers opening tightly and tag them with date so that you have better understanding of how many days you can this stock.
  • If you are living in an area where electric breakout are very common then you need to store water in large quantity for general purposes like for washrooms,cleaning dishes and clothes and cleaning other stuff.

Food Supply

Food is very important to our body because it is a source of energy. On shortage, our body will be weak and we couldn’t perform any task because our body wouldn’t has any strength. It is good to purchase ready made foods which can be eaten instantly.

  • A person is needed 2,000 calories of food per day so that he/she could perform daily tasks of life in better way.
  • Purchase canned foods because we don’t have to cook, just open and eat it is that simple. Good choice for emergency situation.
  • Buy ready made drinks like juices,milk,soup and other energy drinks.
  • Choose such foods that not only hygienic but also a good source of energy and minerals. So that if you have small stock of food, it will give you much energy by eating less.
  • Store butter, walnuts,coffee, tea,cereals and granola bars.
  • Buy stuff like fish and meat.

Always keep an eye on your food stock and calculate how many days or months you can live on these supplies.

Shelter – A Must Have


Nature sometimes becomes cruel and you can lost your home in some catastrophic like tsunami,earth quake,hurricane etc. At that moment, shelter can be helpful. It works most in those time when you are set off to some adventurous expedition like mountain climbing and exploring jungles. If any emergency happens and you are unable to reach your hotel or motel then it can save you from cruel weather. Shelter can be of any type like a tent or Winnebago. It all depends on how many persons you want to live in these shelters one or many. By counting your numbers you will have many options to choose from them. You can get a tent which is large enough to accommodate many persons and have lighting within it. Whatever your condition, either you are in home or set off to some journey, shelter is a must have thing because it can saves you from severe hot sun and freezing weather.

Have First Aid – Your Life Is Precious

Things can go against you and you can find yourselves in a great trouble. Sometimes you get wounded by things which you don’t ever imagine like cut your finger with knife while chopping, fell down badly on your floor, bite by some animals or what ever the reason, you should have first aid box in your home and car. Following things should be included in your first aid box.

  • Thermometer, needles, tweezers and sterilized scissors and bandages.
  • Get pain killers, aspirin,anti biotic,cleansing agents, medical tape,roll of gauze and pads, burn cream,germicidal soaps,blood pressure machines, gloves,safety pins,cotton balls,gloves etc.
  • Get first aid manual, so that you know how to use these things properly and in this way you can tackle all minor injuries.

It is good practice to prepare yourself for any type of catastrophic event. In this way, you can minimized the risk and loss. Your emergency disaster kit will be helpful in the time of danger. Always remember one thing that your life is the most precious thing and you should have to protect your life for any bad happening. Give us your feedback about what are things you have in your disaster preparedness kit Stay safe and happy.

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