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Make Money with Amazon Affiliate System‏

Affiliate MarketingThere is money to be made with Amazon. The way to go about it does not have to be expensive or even hard for that matter. We will share a few tips here with you so that we can show you how to put little effort and low cost into your Amazon Affiliate System.

  1. The first thing you want to do is learn basic HTML. Although this may sound complicated, it really isn’t that hard. By learning the HTML basics you will be saving yourself a lot of time and money. Remember, you only have to learn the basics.
  2. Choose your niche/product. Be sure what you choose is something that you are really interested in. You will be writing reviews about the products so be sure you like it. If you are not interested in the products then it will show in your writing. When people read what you have written you have to make sure they will want to buy the product.
  3. Pick a domain name. You will need to think about how people will find your website. What words will they use to find your product? Think keywords and do not make it long or complicated.
  4. You will then find a place to register your domain name. This can be at the same place you have your website hosted and it is usually cheaper doing it this way. GoDaddy is a great place to start and it is easy to run.
  5. Install your website/blog software. One of the best ones available is WordPress. WordPress is very easy to install and is super powerful.
  6. Put the final design on your website/blog. Make it appealing to the eye and easy to navigate.
  7. Go to Amazon and sign up on the Amazon Associate page. Setting everything up is free and simple.
  8. There will be 2 links that you will need to make your efforts simple. The first link will be the blog posting link. The second link will be the build-a-link. This will make it simple to build a link with your affiliate ID built into it.
  9. Log into your Amazon Associate account and choose a product. Next, you will want to use the Site Strip so that your personal ID is in there.

10. You will now have to click on your blog posting link and write your review for the product. Once you are done writing your review just hit the publish button. Just make sure you have the product in the right category. You will want to keep adding to your website regularly.

11. Get your website noticed through bookmarking, social networking and word of mouth.

12. Enjoy your Amazon Affiliate System and do not be afraid to keep adding products.

Making Money at Home

This is a great way to make money from home. With a little effort and time you can begin to see the rewards. You can also have more than one website when you are ready to expand your business and products.

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