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Review: The Motivation Behind Eren’s Rumbling in Attack on Titan

Last Updated on October 14, 2023 by Richard Hall

In the world of Attack on Titan, few events have elicited as much debate and discussion as Eren Jaeger’s decision to initiate the rumbling. The rumbling, a cataclysmic plan to unleash the power of the Titans and annihilate the outside world, raises questions about Eren’s motivations and the consequences of his actions. This review delves into the complex psyche of Eren Jaeger, attempting to understand why he chose to embark on this path of destruction.

2. Understanding Eren’s Character

To comprehend Eren’s motivations fully, one must first grasp the essence of his character. From the beginning of the series, Eren is portrayed as a passionate and determined individual. He possesses an unwavering desire to eradicate the Titans, protect humanity, and secure freedom for his people. Eren’s fierce dedication to these ideals sets the stage for his subsequent actions and the ultimate initiation of the rumbling.

3. Unveiling the Rumbling

The concept of rumbling is introduced in the latter stages of Attack on Titan, shaking the foundations of the narrative. The rumbling represents an overwhelming force capable of destroying the outside world, utilizing the power of the colossal Titans hidden within the walls of Paradis Island. This revelation prompts the need to understand Eren’s motivations behind this audacious plan.

4. Eren’s Motivations Explored

Desire for Freedom

One significant motivation that drives Eren to start the rumbling is his unyielding yearning for freedom. Throughout the series, Eren witnesses the oppressive nature of the Titans and the constant threat they pose to humanity. His desire to break free from the Titans’ dominance and create a world where humans can live without fear fuels his actions. Eren believes that by eliminating the outside world, he can secure a future of true freedom for Paradis Island.

Protection of Paradis and Loved Ones

Eren’s love for his comrades and his deep attachment to Paradis Island play a pivotal role in his decision to initiate the rumbling. He perceives the outside world as a perpetual threat to his homeland, constantly scheming to destroy the island and its inhabitants. Eren’s resolve to protect Paradis and ensure the safety of his loved ones drives him to take drastic measures, including unleashing the colossal Titans through the rumbling.

Rejection of a Cruel World

Another motivation that underlies Eren’s actions is his profound disillusionment with the world he inhabits. The cruelty and injustice he witnesses fuel his belief that the outside world, with its warring nations and relentless conflicts, is irredeemable. Eren’s decision to unleash the rumbling can be seen as an act of defiance against this cruel reality, a radical attempt to reset the world and give humanity a chance to start anew.

5. The Complexity of Eren’s Actions

Eren’s decision to initiate the rumbling in Attack on Titan is not without its complexities. While his motivations may seem clear on the surface, the ramifications of his actions and the ethical implications they carry introduce layers of complexity that require further examination.

Justification and Self-Doubt

Although Eren is resolute in his motivations, he is not immune to moments of introspection and self-doubt. Throughout the series, he questions the morality of his choices and the heavy toll they exact. Eren’s internal struggle highlights the complexity of his character, as he wrestles with the consequences of his actions and the potential harm they may inflict on innocent lives. Despite his conviction, Eren grapples with the weight of his decisions, revealing a deeper dimension to his character.

The Sacrifice of Innocent Lives

One of the most contentious aspects of Eren’s rumbling plan is the immense sacrifice it entails. The destruction caused by the rumbling would result in the loss of countless innocent lives, including those residing outside the walls of Paradis Island. This raises ethical questions about the justifiability of such actions and whether the end goal of securing freedom for his people outweighs the cost of human lives. The moral ambiguity surrounding Eren’s choices adds to the complexity of his character and invites further scrutiny.

6. Interpretation and Controversy Among Fans

The multifaceted nature of Eren’s motivations has sparked intense debate among fans of Attack on Titan. Interpretations of his actions vary, with some viewing him as a tragic hero driven by noble intentions, while others see him as a morally ambiguous figure whose choices prioritize his personal desires over the well-being of others. The ambiguity surrounding Eren’s character and the motivations behind the rumbling has generated a rich tapestry of theories and interpretations within the fan community, highlighting the depth and complexity of his portrayal.

7. Conclusion: The Multifaceted Nature of Eren’s Motivations

In conclusion, Eren Jaeger’s decision to initiate the rumbling in Attack on Titan emerges from a complex interplay of motivations. His burning desire for freedom, the need to protect Paradis Island and his loved ones, and a rejection of a cruel world all contribute to his audacious plan. However, the intricacies of Eren’s character lie not only in his motivations but also in the internal conflicts and ethical dilemmas he faces. The sacrifice of innocent lives and the controversy surrounding his actions add layers of complexity to his portrayal. Ultimately, the multifaceted nature of Eren’s motivations invites a range of interpretations, sparking lively discussions among fans and leaving a lasting impact on the narrative of Attack on Titan.

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