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Forex Trendy Review 2020 – Is Forex Trendy Scam or Legit?

Last Updated on October 31, 2023 by Richard Hall

Foreign exchange trading is a highly volatile market and as an investor, it can be a risky venture. One can earn significant profits quickly, but at the same time can also incur huge losses if not careful. The biggest challenge is to learn how to read and interpret the market trends which can be a time-consuming and difficult task, especially for beginners. Often, a lot of money is lost before one can master the art of reading trends and converting it into profits. This is where forex trading software comes into play, as it can make the task easier for traders.

It is important to gather unbiased reviews of any software before deciding to use it. In this article, you will find an honest review of the Forex Trendy software. This software helps traders to quickly scan currency pairs and determine the best time for trading.

Forex Trendy Scanner

Overview of Forex Trendy

Forex Trendy is a cloud-based computing software designed to assist forex traders in making informed decisions by analyzing the prevailing market trends. It is widely accepted as one of the best forex trading software that can help traders make considerable profits from their investments.

The tool presents its research findings through graphs and charts, allowing the trader to determine the right time for trading. Moreover, it notifies you when the market is experiencing unstable patterns, alerting you to avoid trading. By effectively using the tool, you can prevent significant losses by refraining from trading during market volatility.

How Does Forex Trendy Work?

Forex Trendy operates similarly to other forex trading software. You gain access to the tool by paying a quarterly fee. The software promises to help you avoid trading during unstable market conditions, thereby saving you from potential losses. It provides you with information on the best currency pairs and minimizes your chances of failure.

Forex Trendy operates entirely online, eliminating the need for downloading or installing software. Simply pay the subscription fee and access your account.

With this forex scanner, you can quickly scan 34 currency pairs over a period of up to one month according to your preference. Upon signing up for a membership, you’ll gain access to their custom settings. Using this interface, you can select the market and the preferred scanning period, and the tool will generate results in the form of trends, charts, and graphs. Once the results are ready, you will receive an email and an audio notification to inform you.

It’s important to keep in mind that Forex Trendy is simply a forex scanner tool, and the information it provides is not a definitive answer to the decisions you need to make in the forex market. It is merely an educated guess. Therefore, you should be prepared for potential losses while using this tool.

This scanner uses a sophisticated algorithm to identify profitable forex market trends.

Forex Trendy Package Details

When you purchase Forex Trendy, the package includes the following items:

  1. Thirty-four real-time charts of Popular currency pairs
  2. Auto analysis for charts which can identify significant currency patterns pairs
  3. A guide which gives you an overview of the charts and currency pairs
  4. Triangles and flags of the popular currency pairs in the market
  5. Email alerts for the buyer with forex analysis
  6. 24/7 access to the website of Forex Trendy so you can get help

Forex Trendy VS. Other Forex Scanners

Forex ChartsForex Trendy is somewhat different from other forex trade software in the market. Unlike most forex scanners, this tool doesn’t train you how to pick out trades. Besides, it’ll not execute forex trading on your behalf like popular forex trading programs like the Wall Street Forex Robot. Forex Trendy works as a market action-dependent trend algorithm.

This forex scanner keeps on scanning the 34 main forex current pairs after the prescribed duration which spans from 30 seconds to 30 days. The scanning will assist in locating crucial trends in the market based on live charts in the forex market. This Forex scanner is made so that it can pick out any notable pattern breakouts as they occur and alerts the user via an audio alert besides sending an email alert.

Thus, though this tool won’t pick current pairs for you nor train you on success secrets in the market, it’ll handle the dirty game in the market for you.

The Pros of Forex Trendy

1. User-friendly interface

Though forex trading can be hell due to complicated technical displays, Forex Trendy makes the presentation of this information simpler. The software comes with valuable resources, including a free Forex guide e-book to assist beginners in getting a quick understanding of the patterns and charts in the market. The forex scanner comes packed with all the resources that both a beginner and an average trader need for trading.

2. Real-time alerts about Forex charts and analysis

Upon completion of the scan, the program will instantly send an audio and email alert, eliminating the need for constant monitoring.

3. Money-back guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the Forex Trendy tool, you can claim your money back within 60 days. If you have faced losses due to non-functional forex trading software, you need not worry. Forex Trendy offers a money-back guarantee to all its users.

4. Auto-recognizing flags, triangles, trend lines and wedges

One of the striking features of Forex trendy is the new auto-recognizing triangles, wedges, flags, and trend lines. This assists the user to quickly locate reliable patterns in the chart, thus minimizing the time the trader will spend trying to understand the results. This feature is handy for breakout traders.

5. Trading platform simplicity

The Forex trend makes forex trading more accessible for both beginners and pro traders. It assists in sparing the trader the headache of making wrong moves and losing trades. Courtesy of its user-friendly interface, the user finds it easy to make critical decisions about trades.

6. Accessibility

Since this is a cloud-based Forex trading software, you can access it from any location and at any time of the day. It has no restrictions on personal compare usage. You don’t have to install it on your computer.

7. Forex Trendy price is affordable

Forex Trendy is one of the most affordable forex trading software in the market. For as little as $ 37 every month, you’ll gain access and use the forex scanner. Thus it becomes a readily available tool for beginners in forex trading due to the price. Additionally, if you’re an affiliate for the program, you get some extra bucks.

8. Backup system

This Forex scanning tool has a robust backup system; thus, you can witness immediate results and earn money instantly. Besides, the program permits you to use your preferred trading platform.

9. Free Forex guide e-book/manual

The program comes with an instruction manual that offers comprehensive information on using the forex scanner. Besides, the manual will enable the user to fully use the forex scanner. The guidebook will offer all the necessary information a beginner in forex trading requires.

10. Automated Forex analysis

The program provides automatic analysis handling as a bonus. If you’re a member, you can view the processing of charts no matter the complexity.

11. Filter choice

This software enables you to monitor control of periods and some markets

12. Live Forex charts

Forex trendy allows users to view live Forex charts and get information on the best currency pairs that will bring excellent returns. For the live charts, you can compare, analyze, and pick your best currency pairs based on the prevailing trends.

The Cons of Forex Trendy

Though the Forex trendy has significant benefits to forex traders, it’s also essential to consider its drawbacks. They include:

1. Risky trading

Some people have doubts about software controlling how they make money. It can be a dangerous affair, especially if the system experiences any malfunctions. Though this can hardly happen, it’s a possibility.

2. Comprehending the results

Before you start using the program, you must familiarize yourself with the interpretation of information in the charts and graphs in the scan results are presented in this format. Additionally, you must respond promptly when you get the audio and email alerts, or else you’ll miss valuable opportunities.

3. Connectivity issues

Since it’s a cloud-based program, if you have a problem with inadequate network coverage, you may find it challenging to access the tool. This can be frustrating to users. If you plan to use this program, ensure a stable internet connection.

4. No guaranteed profits

Though the program will do comprehensive research and offer the result to the user, you’ll have no guarantee that you’ll succeed in the trades you make. The information you’ll get from the chars is just a guide to assist you in making the right moves.

5. Undisclosed owner

No one knows the real owners of Forex Trendy. Some people may have difficulties trusting a product they don’t see the owner. This may raise questions of credibility and legitimacy. This issue may warrant critics to slam this program as an owner using this excuse as the basis of their argument.

6. Over-rated product

Though Forex Trendy has some indisputable benefits to forex traders, the product has been over-rated through hyped marketing. If you decide to sign up for the affiliate program of this tool, you should be cautious to over-promise your clients. This product has over-hyped marketing tactics aimed at making high sales.

Final Verdict

If you are looking at improving your earnings from forex trading, Forex Trendy can be a worthy investment. The tool will help you to get real-time data that is valuable in making the right moves in the forex market. Besides, the software comes with guidelines that are critical in directing beginners and pro forex traders.

In a few seconds to minutes, you can know the best currency pairs in the market and the latest trends in the forex market. Additionally, you get instant notifications through an audio message or email every time the scan results are out. This information is crucial since you are alerted when promising opportunities are available.

The pricing for this forex scanner is affordable to many people, including beginner traders who are yet to make any meaningful entire profit from forex trading.

Finally, if you aren’t pleased with this program, you can get your refund in 60 days. Based on the benefits of the Forex scanner and the price, I can recommend the program to users.

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