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Walmart Money Center – A-Z Guide 2019

Walmart money is an in-store that features an online platform that allows you to bank your cash. Furthermore, Walmart money center features convenient services which will help you in saving money as well as time. You can as well find credit cards, money transfers, cash services as well as debit cards. These services are provided across all the Walmart stores even though the store does not feature a designated center.

If you want to use the Walmart money center because you do not have a bank account, you will then have to consider open one since most have no monthly fees and it offers similar services which you get from Walmart including money transfers and check cash without any additional fees. Consequently, most of these services are available on your phones.

Working Hours at the Walmart Money Center?

The most common question about the Walmart money center is, is Walmart money center open on Sunday? And at what time is the Walmart money center closed? Various Walmart money center is open throughout the week with a standard operating time being 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. although the working time varies depending on the Walmart money center location so you should consider checking with your local store.

You can as well consider visiting the Walmart website to find out there working hours within your location. To do this, go to on your laptop, mobile device or tablet then click on store finder. The store finder is located at the top center of your screen. Once you click on it, type your address in the search box and click find, afterward review the store address then click more services and info under the Walmart store that is near you. Once you open it look for Money services then call the number provided to confirm their working hours, and there are no money services in the Walmart center near you, then you will have to go to the next center since that one does not offer Walmart money center.

Services Provided by the Walmart Money Center?

Walmart money center is often found at the front of the Walmart store. You should first familiarize with some of the services and products that are offered by the Walmart money center before visiting your local money center.
Some of the services provided by the Walmart money center include;

1. Walmart money card

This is a prepaid MasterCard or Visa which can be used anywhere where MasterCard or Visa is accepted. Furthermore, this card offers several benefits, which include free online bill pay services, cash back rewards when purchasing at Walmart, and no overdraft fees. Some people confuse Walmart Money Card with Walmart Gift Card. These are two different cards which can be used similarly to a debit card issued by your bank.

2. Walmart credit card

Holders of the Walmart credit card receive up to 3% cash back on the purchases and 2% cash back on Walmart gas, and you will as well obtain a 1% cash back on anywhere the card is accepted.

3. Check Cashing

You can quickly cash multiple kinds of checks, for example, accessing your money or having the amount added to your Walmart money card.

4. Money transfers

With Walmart money center, you can easily send money anywhere in the United States and almost anywhere around the world, and it is quick and convenient.

5. Tax preparation services

Walmart provides tax preparation services with over 3,100 stores having on-site professionals. If usually file your income tax electronically you might opt to deposit your refund directly on your Walmart money card. There is no reloading fee applied. You will have to send your phone number and card number to Walmart they will then text you the direct deposit information that you have entered in your tax forms. The processing time standards of IRS still applies though using e-filing will allow you to get refund father compared to mail.

6. Bluebird Account

Having a Bluebird account will allow you to have the advantage of fee-free banking. With Bluebird account, you can set up deposits directly; utilizing the mobile check deposit feature and making an online bill payment.

7. Walmart to Walmart money transfers

This service helps you in sending money between two Walmart stores, and it is best if you want to send money cheaply and quickly, and the recipient is near Walmart. Moreover, you can as well use this service in sending money to a recipient who is near an international MoneyGram location in abroad.

8. MoneyGram

With Walmart money center, you can send money easily and quickly to over 200 countries and territories.

Are the Services at Walmart Money Services Worth it?

Most of the Walmart money services are relatively cheap, and they do not require you to have a bank account to use them despite being limited. Since Walmart is a store and not a bank, therefore it partners with several financial institutions. Which include licensed money transfer companies and banks for them to provide this service.

Full-service bank accounts most of the time tend to provide services such as paper checks and access to ATMs and branches in contrast to the Walmart money service. If you are not careful, going to do banking might turn into a shopping trip since Walmart is a retailer above all.

Fees and Service Levels at Walmart Money Center?

Online Fees

often, fees tend to vary by the service speed, the payment method, and the location you are sending. Furthermore, at the Walmart money center, you can send and receive money 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

In-store Fees

At store fees as well varies depending on the speed of service you have selected, the amount of money you are transferring. The location in which you are sending the money. Moreover, you can decide on choosing either day or overnight services. The overnight service is a service available at Walmart stores. However, the cash will be available at the Walmart location you prefer after 7 a.m. the following day. For those using Walmart2Walmart money transfer, it will only take 10 minutes for your money to arrive.

Transfer Money with Walmart Money Center

At Walmart money canter you can transfer money quickly within the USA and abroad, and you can do this in one of these three ways;

1. Walmart application

you can decide to start your transaction with a Walmart application and then finalize the process at the store. There is no MoneyGram account needed.

2. The browser or online desktop

through the partnership of Walmart, Ria Financial and MoneyGram sending money has become easy. Select the transfer location then pay for transfer fee all securely on your laptop or desktop.

3. In Local Walmart Store

You can visit the money center or any of the customer care desk in your local Walmart store to help you with transferring money to any city or town in the USA and Puerto Rico. Walmart to Walmart money transfer offer via Ria. Once at the store, a store associate will help you in finding a Walmart store or MoneyGram location that will be convenient for the recipient. When you pay the fee and the money, the money is available at recipients location. The time taken for the purchase to be complete can be as little as 10 minutes with both providers.

Cash Your Check at Walmart Money Center

Walmart money center has made it simple for you to cash your check when you are at Walmart store. You will only need to present to the cashier your endorsed check at any of the checkout lanes. You should have with you your valid identification then you will pay the required fee. When cashing out a check, you do not have to register to cash checks or have Walmart MasterCard or credit card. Once you are through with this process, you will receive your money in a matter of moment.

Types of Checks Cashed in Walmart Money Center

Various checks are cashed at Walmart money center. These checks include government checks, payroll checks, cashier’s check, a tax refund check, the retirement account disbursement check, and the insurance settlement check. Furthermore, as long as a check is pre-printed, you can quickly cash it at WMC. Nonetheless, WMC pays MoneyGram money order as long as the money order was initially purchased at Walmart. The only kind of check that is not cashed at Walmart money center is a personal check.

Getting a Walmart Money Card?

They offer you a Walmart money card, you will have to apply for one in-store, and once it is approved. You will be able to use it on that day once you pay a $3 set up fee. Nonetheless, you can as well request for one online at Once you receive it via your mail, you can now use it without the need of paying for the $3 set up fee.

Advantages of the Walmart Money Card?

The Walmart money card works like a debit card since it is a prepaid card. It is loaded with your cash. The Walmart money card comes either with a Visa branding or MasterCard, and it is used in purchasing and cashing advances. Furthermore, the money card provides you with other advantages such as permitting to set up a direct deposit with the employer. Also, you will receive your money two days earlier compared to your bank.

Benefits of Using Walmart Money Center?

The Walmart money center offers plenty of benefits that are found on all the MasterCard and Visa debit cards, including protection against fraud. Walmart money center features various benefits including free online bill payment service, free checks to landlords, sending a money order as well as setting recurring monthly payment for bills, for example, auto insurance. Furthermore, Walmart money center allows one to send cash to friends and relatives anywhere within the United States.

One of the best benefits offered by Walmart money center is cash back rewards whereby you get 3% cash back when you shop at and 2% when you buy at Murphy USA and Walmart fuel station as well as 1% cash back when shopping at any Walmart retail stores. The limit offered for the cash back rewards is $75 per year.

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